Chipolo Introduces the World’s Tiniest Bluetooth Tracker

At CES 2017, here in Las Vegas, Chipolo has just announced the launch of their Chipolo Sticker and Chipolo Clip. So let’s get some more details about the two latest tiny lost & found products by the company! Each of the products serves a unique function, all while making sure that the user keeps their prized possession in near sight. Being one of the smallest and thinnest Bluetooth trackers on the market, the Chipolo Sticker and Chipolo Clip minimize the bulky feeling other trackers give while trying to keep tabs on things such as keys and wallets. About the size of a paper…

Chipolo Plus Review: Find Your Stuff!

Since we now have a Schlage Smart Lock on the front door, I often simply carry my car fob with me when I go out. The thing is, the car fob is so small that I often misplace it. That’s where the Chipolo Plus comes in.