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Invoxia Minitailz Smart Pet Tracker Allows You to Monitor Your Pets’ Whereabouts and Their Health

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Invoxia, known for its consumer and professional trackers, has just unleashed the Minitailz Smart Pet Tracker, a high-tech wearable designed to revolutionize the way we keep tabs on our furry companions. This AI-powered gadget, recently honored with a CES Innovation Award, goes beyond the basics, offering a plethora of insights into our pets’ health and whereabouts. With the ability to detect AFib, Minitailz could be a game-changer for pet parents everywhere.

Invoxia Minitailz Smart Pet Tracker

The Minitailz Smart Pet Tracker stands out as the first all-in-one solution for pet wellness and location tracking, catering to dogs and cats of all sizes. Packed with cutting-edge sensors and advanced AI, Minitailz delivers comprehensive preventive care and ensures complete protection for our four-legged friends.

Invoxia Minitailz Smart Pet Tracker Allows You to Monitor Your Pets' Whereabouts and Their Health

Unlike its predecessor, the Invoxia Smart Dog Collar, Minitailz takes biometric GPS pet tracking to the next level. It miniaturizes sensors, making them suitable for both dogs and, for the first time, cats. The device’s enhanced accuracy and sophisticated biometrics result from significant advancements in AI, driven by an expanding pool of data.

Minitailz employs advanced sensors and deep learning algorithms to collect pet health data non-invasively. Its powerful AI creates a detailed picture of pets’ cardio-pulmonary system health, expressed through Invoxia’s patented HeartPrint Technology, continuously analyzing heart signals with an impressive accuracy range of 97% – 99%.

Invoxia Minitailz Smart Pet Tracker Allows You to Monitor Your Pets' Whereabouts and Their Health

The “AI” in Minitailz isn’t just in the name; it’s ingrained in its DNA. AI powers various aspects of the solution, from collecting and measuring sensor data to interpreting measurements and providing actionable insights for pet owners.

The app even employs conversational generative AI to generate highly personalized data reports, allowing owners to understand their pets on a whole new level.

Beyond conventional tracking, Minitailz ventures into uncharted territory, using AI to identify digital biomarkers related to stress, aging, and pathologies. Notably, its enhanced biometric sensors and HeartPrint Technology enable the detection of Atrial Fibrillation (AFib), a potentially life-threatening arrhythmia in cats and dogs.

Developed with the expertise of a top-notch scientific advisory board, Minitailz’s HeartPrint Technology™ is undergoing clinical validation in collaboration with one of the world’s most respected universities.

AFib and similar heart diseases are silent killers, often uncovered too late. We want to empower pet parents to be in the know and react in time to maximize the healthy lifespan of their pets. Minitailz is a unique AI wearable for cats and dogs of all sizes. We are proud of its form factor, the technology embedded in the device, and the insights it will provide. – Clément Moreau, CEO of Invoxia

Minitailz not only focuses on health but also integrates a built-in SIM card and cutting-edge GPS technology to provide real-time tracking of pets’ daily movements.

Invoxia Minitailz Smart Pet Tracker Allows You to Monitor Your Pets' Whereabouts and Their Health

Whether you’re monitoring your dog’s routines or your cat’s adventurous activities, Minitailz ensures owners stay informed. The device also boasts advanced tracking, alerts, and geofencing features.

Collaborations between clinicians and tech innovators can make a significant impact in the advancement of veterinary medicine. With AI and the increasing wealth of data, we increasingly gain insights to further preventative medicine for pets. – Dr. Sydney Moïse, part of the Invoxia scientific advisory board

In terms of design, Minitailz leaps forward with its innovative fastening system. Unlike its predecessor, which had technology built into the collar, Minitailz is a compact and lightweight device that can be attached to almost any dog or cat collar.

Invoxia Minitailz Smart Pet Tracker Allows You to Monitor Your Pets' Whereabouts and Their Health

Its unique adjustable ring mechanism ensures a secure and comfortable fit for pets of all sizes and breeds. With a long battery life, Minitailz can be worn for extended periods without the hassle of frequent charging.

The Minitailz dog version is available now, and the cat version will come in March. Both versions will be available directly from the manufacturer for $99, with monthly subscription fees starting from $8.30.

Keep an eye out for the AI-powered Invoxia Minitailz Smart Pet Tracker, as it promises to redefine how we care for our beloved pets.

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