The John Deere Autonomous Tractor Will Help Farmers Focus on Feeding the World More Efficiently

Last year at CES, John Deere showcased how technology and sustainability drive modern farming, but this year they took things to a whole new level. Building upon 20 years of self-driving technology that still required a farmer to supervise what was happening from the tractor, the John Deere Autonomous Tractor is now a reality. This futuristic tractor will not require human supervision in the cab, freeing up time and helping farmers work more efficiently.

The Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker Makes Tracking Valuables Easy

The Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker is a standalone GPS tracker for anything from cars and motorcycles to bags, valuables, and even people. Invoxia’s tracker is “one of the first trackers to be compatible with the LTE-M update of 4G cellular networks” and is usable anywhere across the United States through 4G networks that support LTE-M.

The Tack GPS Will Make Indoor and Outdoor GPS Location Tracking Possible with Portability, Ultra-Long Battery Life, and Affordability

Location trackers have been around for years, but most of them rely on a second device’s Bluetooth connection to work indoors or a battery-hungry GPS connection to work outdoors. The new Tack GPS is small and lightweight, and it will bring peace of mind to people who have young children, active senior parents, pets, or other tracking needs. The battery lasts a proven 30 days, and it has independent connectivity; most importantly, it will be affordable.

Nokia HERE Maps Re-launch for iOS

No longer bound by the Windows Phone, Nokia is re-launching their HERE navigation mapping app for the iPhone. Following success on Google Play for Android , as well as a brief stint on the app store in 2012 before being pulled back into beta due to iOS 7 incompatibilities, Nokia seems to have figured things out finally.

Magellan’s Echo Fit Seeks to Rule the Sports Watch World!

Fitness watches are enjoying a very sudden surge in popularity. People are buzzing about Fitbit, and Nike Fuel, and quantifying their movements and sleep for optimal health. Magellan is entering that market with the new Echo Fit, a “smart sports watch” that uses Bluetooth to sync to various fitness apps, from Runkeeper to Strava and plenty others.

Telenav’s Scout App Makes Navigation Personal

My main mobile mapping requirement these days is that whatever navigation app I use must be easy to operate, accurate, and socially connected. I’ve been trying Telenav’s Scout app; the more I dig in, the more I realize how handy it is, and I wonder what took me so long to try it. Is it perfect? No. But it’s close.

OpenStreetMap Powers ‘Scout for iPhone’ Global GPS Navigation

Telenav is announcing that their free Scout for iPhone app “will use the crowd-sourced and free OpenStreetMap (OSM) for all map data. OSM, the “Wikipedia of Maps,” offers users a more accurate and up-to-date map than what is available via commercial maps.” The OSM rollout starts today for some; all users will have it by the end of the week.

Spy-Tech GL-200 Real-Time GPS Tracker Quick Look

During CES 2012, I left my gear bag at a hotel after a meeting. I was able to find it using FindMyiPhone and gained a deep appreciation for the power of geo-location. But what if you want to track a car or teen driver and don’t have FindMyiPhone? That’s where the Spy-Tech GL-200 Real-Time GPS Tracker and service come in.

Get Fit and Heart-Healthy With The Polar RC3 GPS, Review

Polar built its reputation on heart rate monitoring technology starting in the late 1970s designed to let you REALLY listen to your body. I have friends who swear by their products, and with the RC3 GPS they offer up their latest hardware and software for tracking all of your workouts, and it represents some of the best technology for runners.

Magellan Announces New RoadMate Auto & RV Product Lines at CES 2014

Last year Magellan introduced the SMART-GPS system, which integrated smartphone and web apps to provide traditional in-car GPS and the now familiar mobile GPS experience. My personal experience was mixed, but the attempt was well thought out and a bold step. Now they are back as Magellan Announces New RoadMate Auto & RV Product Lines at CES 2014!

Scout Comes to Windows 8!

I love my Lumia, but I will be honest — Nokia’s HERE Maps and HERE Drive are not my favorites. They are perfectly fine, but they lack many bells and whistles. It was hard giving up Scout when I left the iPhone, and I am thrilled that Scout is coming to Windows Phone 8! For those who aren’t familiar, Scout is an amazing navigation service powered by Telenav. It helps you map your routes, find points of interest, and monitor multiple choices for the best traffic flow. It also offers additional features like traffic alerts, voice commands, and voice guidance…

10 Ways You Can Unintentionally Reveal Your Location and How to Stop It

I was reading Facebook this morning, and I saw a three-year-old video that details how posting pictures on Facebook or other social networks can reveal your location. Keep reading for 10 different ways I’ve found that you can unintentionally share your location, and how to combat it if you prefer not to be so transparent. 10. For Amateur Radio Operators Only: The FCC Database This one is listed as number 10, and it’s only for amateur radio operators. I will detail some of the other ways your location can be revealed as a ham operator in another post, but this is…

Magellan’s Echo Smart Running Watch – Leverages Your Smartphone and Integrates Fitness Apps

Have you ever stood in your driveway waiting for your GPS to find satellites whereas your phone was set a few minutes earlier? I have done it many times, as has pretty much anyone who has both a GPS watch and smartphone! The realities of power, cost and space make it hard for GPS watch makers to have the same capabilities as a smartphone. To deal with this, Magellan introduces the Echo – let’s take a look! The Echo isn’t like other GPS watches – because it isn’t a GPS! Instead, it is a specialized Bluetooth receiver that works with…

Tommy Santora Interview on Mi (Mobile Intelligence) Alert Systems

Tom Santora, the creator of Mi (Mobile Intelligence) Alerts, recently explained these new, multipurpose systems to me that all stem from one central communication hub – your mobile phone. “Our mobile intelligence technology called MiAlert involves several functions where people get important information via their mobile phone/device,” says Santora. “Our multi-phased plan will make this technology available for several practical uses including video footage immediately after incidents. The Mi (Mobile Intelligence) Alerts represents intelligent mobile alert technology with initial uses for automobiles/vehicles, homes/buildings, people (children, family, etc.), and pets. Users can monitor activity using their mobile phone using a free…

Do You Own a Car?

There were some amazing discussions at Telenav’s Waypoint conference a few weeks ago about GPS, mobile navigation, and how we approach our smartphones and integration location services into our lives. One offshoot of that discussion, though, was whether GPS navigation would matter in the future since car ownership is apparently on the decline. I was surprised how many people in the discussion knew teenagers who didn’t drive much since my experience living in the suburbs was that you needed a car if you wanted to get anywhere beyond your housing development. I did some googling, and apparently, it is a…