The Amp Case for the 9.7″ iPad Pro & iPad Air Series Will Fill a Room with Sound

If you are an iPad user and looking to get a truly immersive experience when watching movies on your Air, Air 2, or your 9.7-inch iPad Pro, you’re in luck!


A company by the name of OIO has released the AMP, which is the ultimate portable theatre case for your iPad. The super sleek case for three of Apple’s more popular tablets comes with a top of the line design and stereo sound, which includes two ultra-low profile electromagnetic exciters, multiple audio codecs, and two resin finer honeycomb acoustic panels covered with microfiber.

Watch the video:

Gregg Davis, Owner and Founder of OIO states:

“We began working on Amp with the goal to create a unique experience in the crowded field of Bluetooth speakers. Our first and foremost focus has always been elevating shared experiences through the devices we love and use every day. And with the iPad, we saw the untapped potential to create a one-of-a-kind personal entertainment hub with Amp.”

The speakers themselves actually connect via Bluetooth so there’s no need to use a headphone jack, which is always a good thing. Couples with a 900mAh 3.7 volt lithium rechargeable battery, the AMP will give you over seven full hours of listening, which is perfect for a road trip with the family, or even just casual watching while in the office. Available in three awesome colors, classic Asphalt, Soft Limon, or Vibrant Periwinkle, the Amp iPad case retails at $249.

For more information about the OIO AMP, head over to their page today!

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