Vivint Smart Home Vehicle Detection Added to Outdoor Camera Pro for Real-Time Alerts and Recordings When a Vehicle Enters the Designated Area

In my smart home setup, we have covered many Vivint products. The system adds a lot of convenience and next-level security to a home. The cameras keep adding features and getting smarter, making managing security remotely easy. The new Vivint Smart Home Vehicle Detection for their Outdoor Camera Pro does just as the name implies — it will alert you when a vehicle arrives, leaves, or passes through a designated detection zone.

Vehicle Detection boosts your security by providing instant alerts and recordings whenever a vehicle enters the specified zone. Integrated with the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro, this feature ensures you stay updated about any vehicle entering your surroundings, whether delivery trucks, grocery vans, or unfamiliar cars.

Once a vehicle is detected, you receive a prompt notification on your phone, enabling you to monitor live activities outside your home. Concurrently, the event is recorded for future reference.

Vivant Smart Home Vehicle Detection added to Outdoor Camera Pro

For added convenience, you can hold down the notification on your phone to watch a brief clip of the vehicle’s activity and gain immediate insights without launching the Vivint app. Additionally, you can snooze notifications, ensuring you only receive relevant alerts.

Vehicle Detection is an exciting addition to our Outdoor Camera Pro. Similar to our popular Person Detection feature, Vehicle Detection boosts the intelligence and efficiency of our smart home solution, providing customers with valuable, real-time information and peace of mind.

We’re thrilled to enhance the capabilities of the Outdoor Camera Pro and provide customers with more insight into their home surroundings. –  Jim Nye, chief product officer at Vivint.

If you’re already on a Vivint system and have the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro, Vehicle Detection is now available to enhance your security system’s capabilities.

To activate the Vivint Smart Home Vehicle Detection Vehicle Detection feature, it’s as simple as navigating to the Outdoor Camera Pro settings within the Vivint app. From there, locate the “notifications” section and find the Vehicle Detection setting. All you need to do is toggle it to “On.”

Enabling Vehicle Detection makes your Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro even more vigilant, alerting you to the presence of vehicles in its monitoring area. Take advantage of this new functionality to bolster the security of your property and stay informed about potential activity in your surroundings.

Click here to learn more about the security options offered, including the new Vivint Smart Home Vehicle Detection.

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