The MSTRKey is Essentially a Tool Box on Your Keys

There are plenty of multi-tools on the market, but none quite like the MSTRKey, a twenty-in-one stainless steel tool for your key ring.


The MSTRKey is practically the same size as the key to your home, the difference is it serves a host of different functions that the user never actually thinks about until they are needed and it’s too late. Why not have this everywhere you go?

With functions like a bottle opener, box opener, line cutter, staple remover, zip tie pick, bicycle spoke wrench, Philips screwdriver, hex wrench, and a host of other tools that you will certainly need. The Kickstarter campaign with only three days remaining has already reached its goal of $4,000, but a pledge today of $22 will not only get you a MSTRKey delivered to your doorstep in November, but save you a few bucks as the MSTRKey will go on sale for $22 after the Kickstart ends. Why not expand your everyday carry while making your pockets or bags lighter by just making your key ring more useful?

Head over to Kickstarter now and be a part of the campaign!

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