Box Refresh Is a Great Way to Give 50 Shipping Boxes a Second Life

If you’re like me, you do a lot of shopping online, and you know what that means — tons of cardboard boxes that need to be broken down for recycling (best case) or trash pickup (worst case). I try to reuse as many boxes as possible, but some are so stickered up that I’ve nearly destroyed their integrity by ripping the top layer of cardboard down to the inner ribs while trying to remove some of the shipping labels. Box Refresh offers a practical, eco-friendly alternative to reusing your boxes without dealing with that.

As you can see in the video above, Box Refresh uses a roll-on applicator to apply a water-based and non-toxic paint that will quickly and effectively cover old shipping boxes’ labels, tape, logos, and markings, giving those “old” boxes a fresh appearance in seconds so they are ready for reuse.

Two-pack of Box Refresh

This is a way more attractive and effective method than trying to use a Sharpie to scribble over all of the miscellaneous barcodes stuck on the sides of each box, and it can even be used to paint over Amazon’s packing tape.

Each Box Refresh bottle contains 4.23 ounces, which is enough to treat approximately 50 standard shipping boxes.

Person using Box Refresh to cover a label on a cardboard box so they can reuse it

The first time you use Box Refresh, you’ll have to remove the roller, remove the seal tab, and then replace the roller; from then on, you can just pop off the roller’s cap, squeeze out the desired amount, run the roller over whatever you’d like to cover, and then put the cap back on the Box Refresh bottle until it’s needed again.

You’ll want to give the box 5-10 minutes to dry anywhere you’ve applied the paint.

I think it’s a brilliant solution, but oddly enough, I didn’t see anything on the Box Refresh site or Amazon listing mentioning whether the bottle itself was recyclable, so I sent them an email and asked:

Could you please let me know if the Box Refresh bottle is recyclable, and if so, what number of recyclable plastic it is? Also, is it possible or practical to refill the original bottle somehow without having to buy a new bottle? If so, will you be offering refills?

And this was their reply:

Thank you for reaching out. Yes, the bottle is #2 HDPE, similar to milk jugs. We agree with you on a refill. The rollers can be easily replaced or washed with water.  The current product has a 2-year shelf life.  We are waiting to see how the product is received in the marketplace before we commit to refill containers.

So there you have it; at least for now, when your Box Refresh bottle is empty, you can rinse it out and either reuse it for something else (fill it with acrylic paint and create art!) or place it with your #2 plastics for recycling.

You can get a single bottle of Box Refresh for $9.98, but I think the obvious choice is to go for the 2-pack, which sells for $14.97 on Amazon and comes with free Prime shipping.

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