Temporarily tattoo emergency or contact info onto your kids – the one thing they can’t lose

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File this under “Why didn’t I think of it first”….identity and emergency contact labels that you apply to your children as temporary tattoos. As anyone with younger children knows – they lose just about EVERYTHING. Including any type of stick on label or card that you put on their shirt or (shudder) in their backpack. Enter the Eyedentity Label. This interesting new product allows you to create up to 4 lines of text which is then used to create a tattoo for your child. These are the tattoos that you apply with vegetable oil (parents who’ve used these types of tattoos know they come off only after what seems like 5 years of scrubbing) so you don’t have to worry about them washing off in a pool or during exercise. More info on the next page.
The labels come 18 to a pack for $25 with free shipping to US and Canada.

Your labels can contain:

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– First name
– Your cell phone number
– Parent’s name
– School or group name
– Hotel date
– Flight and destination date
– Medical requirements
– Medical needs
– Doctor information
– Food allergies
– Emergency procedures
– Any other data you desire

The Eyedentity Label is an interesting idea. While you probably wouldn’t use it for casual everyday labeling, it seems like a useful tool for those headed on trips – especially with children who may have special medical requirements.

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