Everyday Carry (EDC) Items

WaterField Essential Crossbody: I Reviewed It, and I Still Use It

Through Gear Diary, I get to review all kinds of unique products. Many of those products have become essential to my everyday carry items collection. That’s especially true with products from WaterField. I’m currently out of the country, and the WaterField Essential Crossbody I reviewed years ago is part of my everyday carry.

Nomad Tracking Card Review: A Better Wallet Tracker Than AirTags

As a fan of Nomad products, I was thrilled to get my hands on their latest release, the Nomad Tracking Card. This innovative device is designed to solve a common problem many of us face—misplacing our wallets. And boy, do I misplace my wallet… frequently. It is thin, rechargeable, and a great EDC addition.

Vosteed Mini Labrador Lock Knife Review: An Extremely Handy EDC Pocket Knife

Vosteed is quickly becoming a premier knife designer and builder. Since I carry a pocket knife daily, I have enjoyed reviewing their various offerings. Each knife is well-designed, made with premium materials, and stays sharp through lots of tough use. There are many design, color, and size options to choose from. The Vosteed Mini Labrador is a frame lock knife with a 2.73″ 14C28N blade and titanium handle. It is available in gray and black. This everyday carry (EDC)-size knife is a smaller version of the popular Labrador.

Vosteed Mini Nightshade Review: Perfect EDC for Your Pocket

A great pocketknife is a handy tool for many daily tasks. If I have pockets, I always have a knife on me. Daily carry can be rough on a pocket knife, so having a sharp, rugged knife is at the top of my list. I was recently sent the Vosteed Mini Nightshade to carry; let’s take a look at its performance.

YASHICA Vision Binoculars Offer a Full-Color Night Vision Mode for as Low as $139

YASHICA, a leading Japanese camera brand that’s been in business for over 75 years, has just unveiled the YASHICA Vision—a groundbreaking night vision device that’s currently available to back on Kickstarter. If you’ve ever wished for a better view while trying to engage in low-light observation, you’ll love that YASHICA Vision promises to be a valuable companion for you to explore the mysteries of the night with clarity and precision.

Kansept Knives Review: Beautifully Made with Incredibly Sharp Blades and Perfect for Everyday Carry

I say this all the time, but you really can’t go wrong with carrying a good pocket knife*. A good knife can open boxes, slice apples, open letters, and carve funny faces out of wood when you’re bored; a great knife does all that while looking and feeling amazing in your hands and your pockets. Kansept Knives look amazing on paper, but how do they perform? *Note that you CAN go wrong carrying a good knife in some places like airports; just saying!

The $49 Wearable XEdge Flounder Multitool Is the Perfect EDC for People Who Don’t Want to Wear Batman’s Utility Belt

The XEdge Flounder multitool is a little wonder that’s not your run-of-the-mill everyday carry; it’s a little marvel that combines elegance and efficiency in one compact package. I’m impressed by the range of functions this mini-sized titanium, CNC-machined multitool has packed into its sleek design. Not only is it a mini pry bar, but it’s also a bottle opener, bit driver, nail puller, box opener, graphite everlasting pen, firestarter, pocket saw, and more!

Nomad ChargeKey: A Handy EDC Classic Is Reborn and Updated!

As I have shared countless times, Nomad’s products are among my favorite device accessories. I use their cases, chargers, and batteries daily. It all started with a single product, the Nomad ChargeKey. A small, key ring-friendly charging “cable,” while great, I never expected it to lead to what Nomad has become. Now, about a decade later, the ChargeKey is updated and reissued.

Slice Folding Utility Knife and EDC Folding Knife Review: Safer and Much Better Made Than What You’ve Been Using

Slice makes cutting tools that are durable and easy to use, but most importantly, their ceramic blades are finger-friendly and safe. Whether your goal is always to be prepared or you regularly have a lot of cardboard boxes that need opening and breaking down (raises hand), Slice has a knife that will get the job done. I was sent the Slice Folding Utility Knife and the EDC Folding Knife to try; both knives have features that make them different from and, yes, likely safer than using their metal blade equivalents. Let’s take a look.

Minimalistic Nomad x Orbitkey Key Organizer Leads Latest Accessory Release

Nomad, one of our favorite accessory companies, has been on a roll lately, releasing some fun new products. Just in time for summer, there’s a new Nomad Sports Slim Band for Apple Watch and a Nomad Leather Cover for Apple’s Siri Remote that protects the remote and helps you keep track of it. And there’s a new Nomad x Orbitkey Key Organizer too. Here’s a quick look at each.

Ekster Aluminum Cardholder Review: A Minimalist’s Dream

Some months ago, my friend David turned me on to Ekster wallets. He had just gotten one and loved it. Soon after, I got an Ekster Parliament Wallet, and I’ve also become a fan. Now they’ve released the Ekster Aluminum Cardholder. It’s excellent and has a few unique features I love; it’s also currently on sale.