Digital Photo Frames

Amazon Echo Show 15 Review: Much More Than a Beautiful Smart Digital Photo Frame

If you are using an Amazon Alexa smart speaker to control your home’s various connected features, adding an Alexa-enabled smart display to the mix seems like the obvious next step. Built with the user’s privacy in mind, the Amazon Echo Show 15 is a convergent device that functions not only as an elegant touchscreen smarthome hub but also as a convenient family communication center, a mesmerizing 15.6″ digital photo frame, a helpful cooking companion, a smart speaker, a movie and video entertainment center, a home security camera, and more!

Lenovo Smart Frame Gets Even More Impressive with Great New Features!

We wrote about the Lenovo Smart Frame when it was first introduced at CES 2020. We loved how it was styled like a professionally matted portrait and that it used AI to curate your photo collection and build custom digital collages. You could display your own photos or choose from hundreds of artworks to show from the companion app, and you could use hand gestures to play, pause, or continue the displayed images. Well, this year, their fantastic Smart Frame is getting some significant upgrades!

Brookstone PhotoShare Smart Digital Photo Frame Review: Easily Share Photos to Feel Closer to Friends and Family

Printing photos for your relatives every time you take a great shot of one of the kids or your latest vacation is so retro; instead, you could be uploading and sharing those masterpieces directly to a Brookstone PhotoShare Smart Digital Photo Frame in their homes. We’ve got their latest 14″ frame in for review, and it’s as easy to operate as it is stunning to look at (and watch).

The 21.5″ Lenovo Smart Frame Will Be Pre-Selling on Indiegogo; Here’s How You Can Get 50% Off

The Lenovo Smart Frame was one of my favorites new products announced at CES this year. Styled like a professionally matted portrait, the 21.5″ Smart Frame uses AI to curate your photo collection and build custom digital collages. A smartphone app will be available with hundreds of artworks that can be displayed on your Smart Frame, but you can also load your own photos. You can use hand gestures to play, pause, or continue the displayed photos or videos.  

Nixplay Seed Digital Frame Will Grow on You as You Add New Images

Last year we reviewed the Nixplay digital frame. I love the large vibrant screen, the ease of use, and the ability to add pictures directly from your smartphone using the free app. Now the company has released the Nixplay Seed Digital Frame. Available in 7”, 8”, and 10” and a variety of colors, prices start at just $89.99!

Nixplay Edge 13 Inch Digital Cloud Frame Is Picture Perfect

At $249.99 the 13 inch Nixplay Edge Digital Frame is pricey. But for that price you get a gorgeous high-definition display, the ability to pull images from the cloud, send images directly from your mobile device or side load them from an SD card. The frame offers plenty of settings and delivers stunning images. And that’s just the beginning.

The Hashtag Cube: A Long Overdue Kickstarter Project That Finally Delivered

In late 2012, along with 3400+ other people I backed a Kickstarter project called Instacube (which has since been renamed Hashtag Cube, or #Cube). The premise was simple: it was to be a stand-alone Android-based device that would wirelessly stream and display Instagram photos, when you could only view Instagram photos on iOS or Android devices.  I backed at the early adopter $99 level, and the wait began.

iPad Accessory Review: miFrame Photo Frame Dock for iPad

Although I use my iPad 2 most of the time I kept a 16GB WiFi iPad 1 around for review purposes (as well as the convenience of keeping an iPad in the den full time). I’m glad I did keep the original iPad because I am still coming across some awesome accessories designed specifically for it. And since there is still a strong market for the original iPad (you can get a refurb unit in perfect condition on the cheap right now) there is still a good market for iPad 1 accessories. A good example of that is the miFrame…

Review- NIX 8″ Hu-Motion Digital Picture Frame with Motion Detection Sensor and Rechargeable Battery

I have a tremendous number of photographs sitting on my MacBook air. They range back more than 15 years and have various members of my community involved in many different activities. The problem is they sit there and they don’t get enjoyed by the community at large. Yes, I’ve taken to putting series of slide shows up on the synagogue website but people still need to go to the website in order to see them. As a result I’ve been looking around to try to find the right digital frame solution so that I could put the frame in my…

The Vizit Mobile Network 10.4″ Touch Screen Photo Frame Review

The premise behind the Isabella Products Vizit 10.4″ Touch Screen Photo Frame is simple: You use it to “view and share photos with anyone, from anywhere, instantly over the mobile network.” The Vizit has a 10.4″ touchscreen and it can send or receive pictures over its 3G connection. Photos sent to the frame’s email address are stored in their original resolution at, scaled appropriately and sent to the frame for display. This eliminates the tedious task of swapping out memory cards, as well as makes it easier to keep photos updated via the cellular network. Since the Vizit experience is as…

The Lenovo ThinkCentre A70z 1165 as a Digital Picture Frame With Benefits; Why Not?!

At the end of 2008 I bought my first digital picture frame, the Gigantor 15″ from Think Geek, which at the time was one of the largest available without getting into astronomical amounts of money. I paid about $200 for it, which I thought was a pretty good deal considering that many 10″ and under frames were selling in the ~$150 range. Everyone who comes into our house will generally stop dead in their tracks when they see the massive photo display; they want to know who people are, when photos were taken, and where they were taken. It’s as…

Sungale ID800WT 8″ Digital Photo Frame Review

I first spotted the Sungale ID800WT back in May when the company issued a press release to announce the frame’s arrival in the marketplace. What intrigued me is that for about $230 you’d be able to have both a digital picture frame as well as a Wi-Fi enabled monitor that displayed news, weather, Gmail and Picasa photo albums. How do the features of the ID800WT measure up in real life?

eStarling WIFI Digital Photo Frame Review

When I was at DigitalLife 2007 in NYC this summer, I looked around hoping to find a digital photo frame which supported WIFI. My goal was to find a frame with Internet connectivity that would auto-update itself by using photos contained in my Flickr account.