The Withings Aura Connected Clock + Sleep Sensor Accessory Review

Sleep and I have a sometimes erratic relationship. Some nights I deal with insomnia, and I might sleep 4 or 5 hours at best; other nights I’ll need to catch up on sleep so badly that I’ll pass out for 12 or more hours. Ideally, I should get 8 hours sleep per night. Obviously, what I’ve been doing isn’t ideal.

Make Every Minute a Star Wars Minute with these Laser Engraved Wood Clocks!

The new Star Wars movie has smashed box office records and is still going strong. Now, thanks to Massdrop you can get a laser etched Star Wars clock and have the force with you each and every minute of the day. The drop has unlocked the lowest price of $64.99 and there are a few different designs and two colors…

The Electrohome Retro Alarm Clock Radio Shines on My Night Table

Looking for a last minute gift for that person who’s so difficult to shop for? Check out the Electrohome Retro Alarm Clock Radio! It features a white LED digital clock face, motion activated night light & snooze function, gradual wake up lighting, dual alarm with weekend cancellation, and more. You can pick up this neat bedside clock for $34.99!

Wake Up Rocking with the Soundfreaq Sound Rise

Last year Soundfreaq released a number of nicely priced Bluetooth speakers and docks with impressive features and excellent sound for the money. Now they have announced the availability of their newest speaker, the Soundfreaq Sound Rise. The Sound Rise is a modern take on the bedside alarm clock; it has all the features you want and then some.

ClockOne E-Ink Wall Clock Puts Time on a Diet

With apologies to Jim Croce, “If I could put time on a diet…” I would end up with ClockOne… an E-Ink wall clock that weighs less than 3.5 pounds and is just 4mm thick. Seriously thin, ClockOne is big on time and makes quite the statement. Its expected MSRP of $499 does too.

The Best Alarm Dock for Android Is the Hale Dreamer

Hale Devices, Joe Born’s newest venture, successfully kick-started the Hale Dreamer via Kickstarter. The Hale Dreamer is an extension of the work that Joe and his team did on the Digital Innovations Speaker Dock. Thanks to the work on that dock, Joe and his team have put together the best alarm dock available for Andrioid devices.

Geneva Sound System Model XS Review

Geneva Sound markets the Geneva Sound System Model XS as “the world’s first portable audio system with true Hi-Fi sound”. That’s a pretty daring claim to make and one that can easily be dismissed as a good bit of hyperbole. Does this Bluetooth speaker whose design is inspired by the classic travel clock, truly sound like something much bigger and…

The ivee Flex Personal Assistant Video Review

This isn’t the first time we’ve looked at an alarm clock that not only speaks the time but understands when YOU speak. No, two years ago we reviewed the Moshi Travel Alarm Clock, and before that we took a look at the bedside version of it. Despite some limitations both worked fairly well. Yes, voice commands were limited, but once…

Bedol Water-Powered Clock Review

Alarm clocks are a pretty straightforward gadget. They tell the time, they wake you up when you’d rather be sleeping, and they’re slowly being replaced with cell phones. But while regular alarm clocks have become a bit boring, there’s a whole subset of funky/interesting variations (remember potato clocks when you were a kid?) Bedol has a really neat, eco-friendly twist…

Cdock Turns Your iPhone into a Fab Table or Bedside Clock

  We’ve all seen docks that allow you to set your iPhone up as a bedside clock, but this one takes the concept to such lengths that it is worth a mention: the Cdock keeps your iPhone 4 or 4S charged while holding it so that you can glance over to get the time instead of fumbling to pick it up from…

ZAZOO KiDS Digital Photo Clock Review

ZAZOO KiDS™ Digital Photo Clock provides multiple media functions designed for simple interface and displays beginning with little tykes and transitioning into the teenage years.

Announcing the Winner of the Amplicom Alarm Clock

Congratulations to SLNew, the winner of the Amplicom Alarm Clock! His winning entry: I would love this for my father. At 84 his hearing is failing and he complains that standard alarm clocks don’t wake him any longer. Check your email for more details, and I hope your father enjoys the alarm clock! Remember, for everyone who didn’t win you…

Turn Your iPhone/iPad Into a Grandfather Clock; SBSH Launches Cuckoo for iOS

SBSH Mobile Software has released Cuckoo. Cuckoo has been available for S60 phones and now it is available for iOS devices. In fact, in the first few months it was available on the S60 platform it was downloaded by more than half a million people. The idea of Cuckoo is rather simple – it gets your iPhone/iPad to chime hourly….

Review: iLuv iMM190 App Station Dock for iPhone

From iLuv- With its stylish oval design and alarm clock functionality, the iLuv App Station Alarm Clock Stereo Speaker Dock for iPhone 3G and 3GS or iPod is the ideal desktop sound system. The speaker dock stands horizontally or vertically, thus accommodating your device’s touch-screen view. The App Station’s key feature is its sophisticated alarm clock functionality with the iLuv…

Cambridge SoundWorks i525 iPod/AM/FM Clock Radio System – Review

If you’re an audiophile you still want to have a fancy powerful stereo system home. But for many of us the sound coming out of our iPhones, iPods or iPads is good enough when they’re connected to some sort of a speaker system. Since I am not an audiophile I’m perfectly happy having a dock in my home office, in…

Moshi Voice Control Travel Alarm Clock – Review

I reviewed the Moshi Voice Controlled Alarm Clock a few weeks back and was rather impressed. It really works and makes setting the time or the alarm as easy as speaking. Love it! Well, turns out the company also has a travel alarm clock that uses the same voice technology. Here is a look.