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Upgrade Your Kitchen and Take Holiday Hosting to the Next Level with Whynter and SMEG Appliances

Are family and friends coming to your place for the holidays? You can elevate your kitchen and make holiday hosting a breeze with the perfect blend of style and functionality from Whynter and SMEG. Whynter’s appliances will bring modern convenience to your gatherings, while SMEG’s iconic designs combine retro aesthetics with top-notch performance, adding a touch of timeless elegance to your space. Whether chilling beverages, crafting delectable desserts, or effortlessly mixing ingredients, these appliances will prove themselves to be essential companions as you create memorable moments during the festive season.

Tchibo Bean-to-Brew Coffee Machine Review: A Compact and Convenient All-in-One Espresso and Coffee Brewer

Are you tired of using expensive, wasteful individual coffee pods or drinking stale java that was made hours ago and left to stew? Has your coffee maker got you wishing for something closer to the ‘fresh ground for every cup’ experience found at your favorite coffee shop? Brewing with Tchibo is as straightforward as adding your coffee beans, selecting your desired portion, and pressing “start” to enjoy a cup of fresh and aromatic coffee every time. Skeptical if the Tchibo can create the flavorful and fresh coffee you desire, complete with the perfect crema, right at home? Let’s find out…

The 6′ Tall Dunkin’ Spider Donut Inflatable is a Halloween Crowd Pleaser

Nothing says Halloween like a donut, right? Well, Dunkin’ thinks so, and every Fall, my kids look forward to the seasonal emergence of the Spider Donut. This year, they’re helping us celebrate at home with the new 6′ Dunkin’ Spider Donut Inflatable! Complete with a built-in fan and LED lights; it’s a fun way to decorate for Halloween.

The Tchibo Labor Day Sale Is Sure to Give You a Righteous Coffee Buzz!

If you can’t start your day without a couple of cups of coffee, you’re not alone! But rather than making a daily trip to a coffee shop, why not make your own fresh-ground coffee or espresso right in your own home or office? With the Bean to Brew Coffee & Espresso Machine and their large collection of coffees, you can enjoy an amazing brew. During the Tchibo Labor Day Sale, which runs today through September 5th, you can also enjoy savings on their coffee and coffee maker.

Ready-to-Drink Fire Department Coffee Review: 4 Delicious Flavors That Will Keep You Powered On-the-Go!

Fire Department Coffee has been serving up specialty beans roasted and crafted by a team of veterans and firefighters since 2016; Judie wrote about their roasted coffee beans last year. But sometimes, you don’t have time to brew on the go, and that’s where a ready-made cold brew is quite handy. Fire Department Coffee is taking their signature tasty roasts and sending them on the go with ready-to-drink versions, and we had the chance to check them out!

Fire Department Coffee Review: Smooth, Delightful Coffee That Supports a Great Cause

What do you get when you combine freshly roasted coffee beans grown worldwide on environmentally and socially responsible farms with a veteran-owned coffee company run by a dedicated team of firefighters, first responders, and coffee connoisseurs? You get Fire Department Coffee, a company that donates 10% of Its net proceeds to support ill and injured first responders; that’s what we’ll be taking a look at today.

Trücup Low-Acid Coffee: When You Need Your Coffee, but Your Stomach Rebels

At my age—and no, I am absolutely not going to tell you how friggin’ old I am—acidic stomach issues are definitely something I have to keep in mind. But even if you’re a youngun’ like my daughter and you drink enough coffee, sometimes the very acidity of the brew can catch up with you sometimes. That’s what Trücup low-acid coffee wants to help alleviate.

Philips 3200 LatteGo Automatic Espresso Machine: Worth the Price of Admission

Listen, we all have better things to do than stressing over making the perfect espresso, right? For those who love espresso but don’t want to spend hours fidgeting with difficult to use equipment to end up with a mediocre espresso drink, the Philips 3200 LatteGo is for you. The Philips 3200 LatteGo retails for $799 and makes a great cappuccino.

Woken Compostable Espresso Pods Remove the Single-Serve-Coffee-Making Guilt

Everyone likes the convenience and choice offered by using a single-serve coffee maker, right? But one of the biggest problems is that single-serve coffee makers produce unrecyclable waste. Some coffee pod makers offer to recycle used pods, but you have to return those used pods to them. Woken Coffee makes user compostable pods that reduce waste with minimal effort.

SharkNinja Makes Adulting Fun with Their New Coffee Bar and IONFlex Vacuum

In July, our lives changed forever. We welcomed a beautiful baby boy into our family, but we lost our sleep and our clean, spotless floors. Luckily, SharkNinja’s newest products had us covered. Their sleek and functional Ninja Coffee Bar provided the energy we desperately needed while the Shark IONFlex 2X DuoClean vacuum effortlessly restored order in the house.

The HeyJoe Coffee Mug Got Me Through CES

If you’re a coffee drinker like myself, you know the struggle of waking up in the morning, creating your own brew, and even worse, finding that mug of cup that will keep that House Blend warm as you go on your daily commute. Well over the course of CES, as well as a few weeks prior to that, I had the pleasure of reviewing the HeyJoe Coffee Mug which solves a lot of problems we all have throughout the morning. Originally a Kickstarter that has since been in full production, the HeyJoe Coffee Mug is the first coffee mug to…

Up Your Keurig Game Thanks to Starbucks Single Origin Coffees!

My second Starbucks Blogger Box arrived some weeks ago and it was a delightful package of Keurig K-Cups and coffee accessories. This time, however, Starbucks filled the box with their rare Starbucks Single Origin coffees from across the globe. They are delicious and, thanks to a coupon at the end of this post, you can save some money when you try them yourself!   GUATEMALA LAGUNA DE AYARZA The first coffee I tried was their Guatemala Laguna de Ayarza. It has a rich flavor and offers “balance with lively flavor notes.” As the company explains “This smooth, medium-bodied coffee thrives…

Starbucks K-Cups Bring Great Coffee Home

When I moved into my new place there were only a few things I wanted other than my clothes and my tech. At the top of that list? My Keurig machine. I mean, what good is having a new apartment if you can’t have a great cup of coffee ready and waiting in seconds. Thankfully, as member of the Starbucks Blogger Program I was send a terrific variety of coffees. YUM!!