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ShiftCam SnapGrip and SnapLight Review: Better iPhoneography on the Go

A few years ago, I backed a Kickstarter project for a photography grip designed for the iPhone. This nifty gadget transformed the iPhone into a DSLR-like camera, making it easier to capture high-quality photos. Fast forward to today, and the iPhone’s MagSafe technology has revolutionized how accessories connect to our devices. Enter the ShiftCam SnapGrip and SnapLight, two products that leverage MagSafe to enhance your mobile photography experience.

Canon EOS R50 Content Creator Kit Review: An Inexpensive, Compact, Lightweight Powerhouse

The Canon EOS R50 is a compact, lightweight, mirrorless camera aimed at content creators looking to improve their game. It has many advanced features and some very impressive specifications. It is the culmination of marrying an RF-S Mount version of the Canon M50 with the sensor and processor from the R10. The result is one of the lightest mirrorless cameras on the market, with a 24.2MP APS-C sensor and the ability to shoot full-width 4K. Combined with the social media-friendly shooting modes, the R50 is well-suited for content creators ready to challenge the limits of their smartphones.

GVM-BD25R Bi-Color RGB LED Tube Light 2-Light Kit Review: Great for Accent Lighting, Light Painting, and Adding Fun to Your Next Party!

GVM (Great Video Maker) offers a line of assorted products for videographers and photographers that are often aggressively priced compared to the competition while providing similar features and overall quality. These include monolights, tube, panel, flexible, and pocket lights. They also produce camera sliders, wireless microphones, teleprompters, and other accessories. In this review, we are testing the 24″ GVM-BD25R Bi-Color RGB LED Tube Light 2-Light Kit. As per its name, this kit includes two light wands as well as several accessories that are optional when buying the Single Kit. As per its name, the GVM-BD25R Bi-Color RGB LED Tube Light…

Insta360 X4 Is an 8K 360 Camera That Reaches New Heights in Shooting and Editing

Insta360’s newest camera has some very impressive specifications and equally impressive features. The Insta360 X4 is the company’s latest flagship 360 camera; it offers 8K 360-degree video and 5.6K at 60 fps or 4K at 100 fps. The image quality represented in the company’s sample videos is a huge step forward. When combined with the ability to “shoot first, point later” and the invisible selfie stick, the creative possibilities have no limits. The X4 can also be used as a traditional action camera using a single lens, providing smooth, ultra-wide 4K at 60fps.

Samsung EVO Select and EVO Plus microSD Cards Bring More Storage at Faster Speeds

Gamers and those who keep a lot of media on their devices will appreciate the latest Samsung EVO Select and EVO Plus microSD cards, which feature enhanced speeds and expanded storage. These new cards can deliver up to 23% faster transfer speeds than their predecessors, clocking in with speeds up to 160 MB/s. Notably, this lineup includes introducing 1TB capacity microSD cards, a storage capacity previously reserved for Samsung SSDs.

GVM PRO-SD300B Review: Excellent Quality Light in a Handsome Package

GVM (Great Video Maker) offers a line of assorted products for videographers and photographers, including monolights, tube lights, panel lights, flexible lights, and pocket lights. They also produce camera sliders, wireless microphones, teleprompters, and other accessories. GVM products are often aggressively priced compared to the competition while offering similar features and overall quality. GVM has certainly stepped it up with their new line of spotlights. This review examines the GVM PRO-SD300B, a 300-watt monolight specifically designed for today’s shooting environments.

3 Legged Thing WRAPZ Review: A Way to Separate, Shield, and Keep Your Gear Dry Without the Need for Custom Cases

How many times have you started to load a bag with gear for an outing, only to realize that you didn’t have a good way to separate and protect your more delicate items, like cameras, lenses, lights, filters, or, in my case, multiple smartphones when I’m going out for a day of taking comparison shots? 3 Legged Thing WRAPZ is a new, versatile solution that keeps your valuable gear separated, shielded, and dry in any environment.

Pivo Max + Essential Kit Review: An Elegantly Simple Content Creation Tool

Pivo is a California-based company that makes a line of content creation tools, including camera tracking pods and related accessories such as lights, microphones, and tripods. They offer three versions of their main product, the AI-powered Pivo Pod: Pivo Pod Lite, Pivo Pod, and Pivo Max. In this review, we’ll be looking at the Pivo Max + Essential Kit.

SJCam C300 Review: A Tiny, Inexpensive Action Camera with Many Accessories

It would not be surprising if many are unfamiliar with SJCam, yet the Chinese company has been making low-cost action cameras since 2011. The SJCam C300 is a recent addition to their product line, and at $159.00, it has quite a lot to offer. Those familiar with the GoPro Hero and DJI Osmo Action cameras will immediately ask how does this much-less-expensive camera compare? The quick answer is not particularly well, but considering those cameras cost three times as much, we need to examine the C300 further.

Zhiyun Crane-M 3S Review: A Stylish Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer for Vloggers and Content Creators

The Zhiyun Crane-M 3S is a beautifully designed lightweight camera stabilizer perfect for those who shoot with smartphones, action cameras, and mirrorless cameras with small lenses. Despite its small size and light weight, the gimbal offers some impressive features, including multiple shooting modes and a built-in light. The captured footage is much smoother than is possible to achieve through handheld shooting or in lens or body stabilization.

InfiRay P2 Pro Thermal Camera (for IOS) Review: Tiny but Powerful

The InfiRay P2 Pro thermal camera is a tiny but powerful device that connects to your smartphone and lets you see the heat signatures of objects and creatures around you. At 9g and 18mm x 27mm x 9.8mm, it is the world’s smallest thermal camera and, despite this, boasts some impressive stats. Its 256×192 pixel resolution is excellent at this price range and beats some competitors at higher prices.

ShiftCam SnapGrip Creator Kit Review: 3 Components Take Your iPhone Photos and Videos to the Next Level

A few years ago, I backed a Kickstarter project that was a photography grip for the iPhone. With the phone in the grip, using the iPhone felt more like using a DSLR. Now, thanks to the iPhone’s MagSafe, connecting a grip to the iPhone is easier than ever, and the ShiftCam SnapGrip Creator Kit takes full advantage of it. The kit includes the SnapGrip, SnapPod, and SnapLight; let’s take a look.

Lenovo Smart Frame Gets Even More Impressive with Great New Features!

We wrote about the Lenovo Smart Frame when it was first introduced at CES 2020. We loved how it was styled like a professionally matted portrait and that it used AI to curate your photo collection and build custom digital collages. You could display your own photos or choose from hundreds of artworks to show from the companion app, and you could use hand gestures to play, pause, or continue the displayed images. Well, this year, their fantastic Smart Frame is getting some significant upgrades!