Shaving Gear

Harry’s New Body Washes Are Fab

I love my Harry’s bi-monthly shipments.  Even better is Harry’s has been available at Target and I saw it at a couple Walmart stores as well. Finally, Harry’s is adding other products to help keep your man smell great with their new body wash and bar soap in Shiso, Fig, and Stone scents!

The Rockwell Chrome Series Double Edge Razor Is an Affordable Luxury

The Rockwell Chrome Series Razor is a reincarnation of Rockwell’s popular Stainless Steel 6S razor made with a more budget-friendly material without losing any of the style and functionality Rockwell fans have come to expect.  This modern take on the classic safety razor, an adjustable razor that can be used on all faces, can be pre-ordered now starting at $25. The Rockwell Chrome Series razors are made with a chromed zinc alloy, which is very durable, however slightly less durable than the Rockwell 6S, which is made of stainless steel.  The Chrome Series razors are available in two finishes:  White…

Dollar Shave Club: A Practical, Thoughtful, and Sure to Be Appreciated Gift

If you’re struggling with what to get the guy who has everything, Dollar Shave Club may be the answer. You may recognize their name from radio ads, but you might have been hesitant to buy a relatively inexpensive razor and blades from a subscription service. After all, how good could it possibly be, right? Turns out, the products are very good.

Harry’s Shaving Update: 10 Months In, and I’m Still a Fan!

It is now November, and it’s been about 10 months from when I started receiving regular shipments from Harry’s. Since I started, not only has the price gone down, but the blades and the handles have had an update, and Harry’s has made the first push into brick and mortar stores, namely Target.

Guys, Get Rid of That Summer (Back Hair) Sweater with baKblade

I’m not quite sure how I pull off these plum review assignments. I’ve got another one today and I’m hoping to share it with you  without making the whole team jealous. Meet bakBlade, which does exactly what you may presume it does – shaves the hair off your back (and any other flat surface such as arms or chest).

Skull Shaver Keeps Your Noggin Clean

Looking to shave your head and avoid nicks and cuts? Check out the Skull Shaver. This redesigned electric razor lets you shave without shaving cream, get to the back of the head with ease and do it all without turning your scalp into a bloody mess. They are currently seeking funding on Indiegogo. Check it out here.

No Scream Cream – Waxing Poetic (and Pain Free) in Jamaica

I’m on vacation in Jamaica with my wife, Elana, her brother Rob and Rob’s girlfriend, Alison. We had a casual breakfast in our villa this morning, after which Rob headed to the beach to read. I lingered a bit too long over my last cup of coffee and, as a result, had the opportunity to hear a FASCINATING conversation on shaving, electrolysis, and waxing. (It made me happier than ever to have been born male.) So why am I sharing this here on Gear Diary? Because Alison told Elana about the “best product ever” in this regard – Relax and…

Make Your Face Perfect With The GoateeSaver

Facial hair is becoming more the rage for today’s man. It seems that many men from their 20’s to 40’s are now growing beards and goatees. I grew my first goatee just out of high school and have had facial hair ever since. I currently sport a full beard, but for many years I had to groom and shape my goatee. Many think that having facial hair means less shaving, but that is far from true. While less area must be shaved, it takes great skill and diligence to keep a beard of any sort shaped and trimmed to perfection. There is nothing…

The HeadBlade, solving the tough task of head shaving

I’ll just come right out and say it.  Are you balding?  Are you man enough to admit it and instead of trying to cover it up with hair replacement, comb overs or some other method you simply choose to do “manly” thing and just shave it all off? Or could you have a full head of hair but like the clean, smooth look of your bald head?  Are you BBC (bald by choice?) If you answered yes to either of the above questions then the HeadBlade is for you. The HeadBlade, which is used by countless bald celebrities makes the…

The Rolling Razor Looks Tricky

I’m not too sure that the Rolling Razor is that much safer to use: after all, nicks and scratches are common with even the most basic stick styles, and I can only imagine the damage I could inflict with something like this. But according to the Rolling Razor site, using one helps to eliminate irritation, nicks, cuts, razor bumps and burn.