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One day in the peaceful Slime world, the king of monster commanded his army to attack the Slime empire and forced those slimes to be his slaves. The Slime empire was plunged into chaos. The Slime King commanded his gereral (Colonel Slime) to control the army to fight against the enemies. You who have a role of Colonel Slime, have a mission to defeat the monsters and bring the peace back to the Slime world. Swap adjacent slimes to match three or more same color slimes in order to summon slimes to help you fighting in the battlefield. The more matched slimes you collect, the stronger slime will be summoned. Many items, weapons, magics and etc. will help you in the battlefield. Let’s try and discover them.


– Play through 36 missions in the different amazing area of slime world!
– 6 Bosses to defeat!
– Great fantasy graphic design with superb animations!
– Amazing special effects!
– User friendly interface and easy to play!

– Excellent music and sound effects!
– 19 items to use and upgrade!
– 10 challenging Trophies to collect!
– Story Mode and Survival mode to Play!

There is no time to waste, start saving the Slime world and be a Hero!

Slime Army is a very unique gaming experience.  The developers have added the game play of match three with a castle defense/RPG game.  It took me several plays to figure out all that is going on here.  Match three game play has always been enjoyable.  Simply drag the slimes to align three or more in a row to eliminate them.

As seen in the screen shots, the match three puzzle is a the top of the screen and a battle is being waged on the bottom.  There are two castles.  The blue castle is the slime’s and the red is the bad guys.  To get more slimes into the battle, simply match at least three slimes and eliminate them from the board.  If the match includes a weapon or power up, the slime that joins the battle on the bottom will use them in the battle.  During the story mode, use crystals collected to upgrade the weapons.  This will be a must as the battles get tougher with each level.

Two gameplay modes are available:  Story and Survival.  In story mode, each level is a new battle.  Protect the castle and defeat the enemy by upgrading weapons.  The upgrades must be made or later levels are impossible.  Survival mode is one battle.  The game ends when the enemies overtake the castle.  I have attempted many survival games with no luck.  No matter how fast I free slimes or what weapons they wield, my castle is destroyed very quickly.

Here are some pointers from my experience with the game.

First, do not try to watch the battle wage on the bottom of the screen.  It is entertaining to watch, but leads to a quick defeat as slime warriors are eliminated.

Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade.  The upgrades make the levels shorter and easier to finish.

Look before you match!  Larger matches bring bigger and stronger slimes for the battle and matching with weapons turn the battle for the better.

Slime Army is addicting and enjoyable.  The graphics are nice and sounds are great.  The gameplay is something new.  Check it out here at the app store for $2.99.

What I like: Fun gameplay.  This is an interesting use of multiple style games in one.

What I don’t like: The survival mode has been impossible.  Maybe some instructions on how to survive or even win the levels.

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