What to Do When You Lose 800k Customers? Change Your Spokesmodel’s Wardrobe!


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What to Do When You Lose 800k Customers? Change Your Spokesmodel's Wardrobe!

Or at least that seems to be the approach T-Mobile is taking! After reporting that they managed to bleed more than 800,000 customers in the US alone during the fourth quarter of last year, T-Mobile is calling 2012 a ‘building year’, meaning they will continue to lose money and bleed customers, and that hopefully someone will care when they get a REAL LTE network in 2013.

And apparently part of the building strategy is playing ‘dress up’ with spokesmodel Carly Foulkes. Check out the new commercial from T-Mobile:

Here is the text:

Time To Set The Record Straight. What do you get when you combine America’s Largest 4G Network™ with T-Mobile’s newest and fastest 4G smartphones? Speed. Get ready. It’s time to rethink everything. It’s time for fast.

Then they want you to ‘test drive the fastest 4G network’ … which basically means watching videos, listening to more thumping music, and seeing some of the STUPIDEST comparisons ever.

What do I mean by ‘stupid’? Well, as a Verizon customer I headed to THAT comparison, since Verizon claims THEY have the largest 4G network, I was interested in speed. Instead I got a comparison between a 4G phone (Samsung Galaxy S2) and a 3G phone (iPhone 4s). If I wanted a 3G vs 4G comparison I could just have hit up Verizon’s site … or AT&T … or US Cellular … because everyone is touting the benefits of making the 4G leap.

What that comparison REALLY told me was that T-Mobile’s network is NOT faster, so they had to do a bogus comparison to compensate. Or their knickers are so twisted up about not having the iPhone that they use that as a comparison out of spite. Or their ad execs are incompetent and should be fired. Or they are cynical and hope people are stupid.

No matter which path you choose … T-Mobile’s claims lose ALL credibility.

So what do you think?

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