LunaTik Touch Pen Video Review, Kickstart This!

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Project Title: LunaTik Touch Pen: The Evolution of the Stylus

Status: Funded, Backer Rewards Received, New Orders Being Taken

Closing Date for Funding: February 10, 2012

URL of the Project: Find it here.

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From the Creatives:

Thank you for checking out our LunaTik Touch Pen project. Ever since we launched the TikTok+LunaTik Watch Kits on Kickstarter last year we have been constantly asked when we were going to do another project. Well, we have been working on a variety of ideas which we plan to launch in the near future. One of the first ideas is a simple and obvious solution inspired by the way we work between the analog and digital worlds every day.


Paper and pen will never be replaced. However, more and more people are embracing their iPads and tablets to take notes and capture ideas in a new hybrid analog-digital workflow. These users continuously switch between paper and touch screen during the day. This means they require both a traditional ink pen and a digital stylus.

While both are great on their own we would prefer to have our everyday pen be compatible with iPads and tablets with a click of a button eliminating the need to carry both items. This was the inspiration for the LunaTik Touch Pen. The idea was born from a desire to integrate our pen of choice, the rollerball, with the digital stylus.

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Who at Gear Diary Backed It: Dan

At What Level Did We Back: I backed for $50. That gave me…

The MNML Collection. 1 LunaTik Alloy Touch Pen with silver anodized aluminum body and graphite metal clip. 1 LunaTik Plastic Touch Pen Arctic White and 1 LunaTik Plastic Touch Pen Pitch Black. US shipping included.

I backed and received a silver aluminum pen as well as a black and a white plastic pen. Judie tried to steal the aluminum one but ended up placing an order for a red aluminum touch pen. The black plastic pen is now in Carly’s possession.

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Why We Backed It: I loved the first project from these folks and wanted to encourage them to bring great products to market.

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How’s Communication From the Creatives Been?: As has always been the case with them, the communication is perfect, direct, frequent enough but not overdone.

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What Has the Experience Been: Fantastic. This is an outfit that makes Kickstarter what it is!

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Would You Recommend this Kickstarter Project?: See for yourselves…

The Touch Pen Alloy comes in Black, Red and Silver while the Touch Pen Polymer comes in Black, Cyan, Magenta, Arctic White or Yellow

You can check out the Touch Pen and TikTok’s other products here.

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MSRP: Touch Pen Alloy $39.95, Touch Pen Polymer $19.95

What I Like: Great quality, Convenient way to switch between an ink pen and a tablet stylus, Nice range of colors

What Needs Improvement: Nothing other than the fact that it is currently (as of July 18) a pre-order item, if you want or need a stylus this is currently one of the best options available; Oh, and if you get one don’t let Judie near it 🙂

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