Super Stickman Golf 2 Scheduled to be Released Early This Year


I fondly remember playing Super Stickman Golf on my HTC Thunderbolt after I got it for free thanks to the Amazon App Store’s daily free app promotions.  It was one of my favorite games on Android for a long time.  I downloaded it thinking it would be an interesting time waster; I never would have paid for the app and probably wouldn’t have even given much thought to it had it not been free that day.  Boy, am I glad I found it, though.  After playing a few of the levels, I realized what a deal I got.  Super Stickman Golf had tons of golf courses and holes which lead to many hours of really fun play.

What makes the game so fun is that it’s not a serious golf game where you can try to use different spins on the ball or where you choose different clubs.  This is more of a physics game that happens to have the same goal as the game of golf.  Another facet of the game that sets it apart from real golf is that you were able to use special power-ups throughout the game like a power shot that was able to fly 200% farther than a normal shot or a sticky ball that was able to stick to the wall or whatever hard surface it touched first.  It brought a whole new strategy to the game of golf.

When I found out that Super Stickman Golf 2 was going to be released in the first quarter of this year, I was very excited, to say the least.  I absolutely plan on purchasing the app the day it comes out.

From what Noodlecake, the app’s developer, is divulging, SSG2 is going to be more of the same fun from the original with added environmental elements like gravity boosters, portals, sticky walls, and more.  Another interesting piece of information is that there will be a new multiplayer mode on top of the existing Race Mode, which some describe as a frantic race between four players to be the first to get their ball in the hole.  The new multiplayer mode looks to be a turn-based, asynchronous multiplayer which is more like regular golf where each player takes their turn and waits for the other player to take theirs.

Noodlecake says that the game will soon be in alpha testing, followed by beta testing shortly thereafter.  I know I’ll be trying to get in on the beta testing and hopefully I can let you all know what you have to be excited for.  But for now, you can take a look at the screenshots below to satisfy your SSG2 cravings.

Check out Noodlecake’s blog for more info.

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