Gear Bits

We’re Not Using Grandma’s Toilet Anymore, Toto!

Bathrooms are one of those areas where you may not give too much thought to innovation. Maybe you change the taps on your sink, or swap out the showerhead, but have you ever considered a zero-gravity bathtub? Or a toilet inspired by a pottery wheel? TOTO has, and they’ve blessed us all with the news of a $13,000 toilet.

Navatics MITO Drone Knows How to Swim Better Than You

Waterproof photography used to be the domain of high-end cameras capable of magically surviving underwater. We’ve moved on from there to waterproof phones and cases, and now the logical endgame: waterproof drones called the Navatics Mito, so we can all that sweet underwater footage without any of the work or wetness.

Apple Music Coming to Amazon Echo Devices on December 17th!

In our house, more music is played through our Amazon Echo devices than anywhere else. We use Amazon Music, but also Pandora, Slacker and Spotify … and pretty soon Apple Music! Today Amazon announced on its blog that starting December 17th you will be able to add a new skill to Alexa: the ability to play songs and playlists from Apple Music!