The Gomadic Sync and Charge Retractable Cable Review

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The Gomadic Sync and Charge Retractable Cable Review Listen to this article

Shortly after buying a Treo 700wx I decided to ditch the bulky power and USB cable set that came with the device. I wanted to trade them for something much more compact, and the obvious choice – since I already had a collection of Gomadic tips – was to try the Gomadic Sync and Charge Retractable Cable system. Knowing that this same gadget would work with any of the other tips I already owned was a major selling point.

Measuring approximately 5″ when retracted, the body of the charger is made of glossy black plastic. The center compartment which houses the wound cable measures about 1.75″ long x 1.25″ wide x 0.5″ thick.

The Sync and Charge Cable extends to 30″ when pulled from both ends; it’s nearly flat cable stops and locks at points every inch or so. The entire action feels very solid and precise; nothing feels “rickety” or “cheap”.

The cable retracts by pushing the button in the middle of the winder. Other sync and charge cables I have reviewed in the past have relied upon the user tugging the two ends to activate the retraction mechanism; the button is a nice convenience.

The female connector on the cable is made to accept any of the available Gomadic tips, and while the Sync and Charge cable comes with the buyer’s choice of one tip, extras can be purchased for .95 each.

So just like that, I now have a USB solution for syncing and charging my Treo, HTC Universal, and several other devices. There are some limitations, however…

The particular iPod tips I already own support charging but not syncing – they are the ones with the yellow stickers in the picture above, and Zune tips are not yet available.

Using the Gomadic Sync and Charge cable has allowed me to free a power port behind my desk and share the same laptop USB port with several devices. This gadget is extremely compact, and it will fit in the smallest gearbag pocket.

Being able to travel as lightly as possible is a necessary feature for those that live out of a suitcase and laptop bag; the Gomadic Sync and Charge Retractable Cable makes doing so much more convenient.

The Gomadic Sync and Charge Retractable Cable is available directly from the manufacturer.
MSRP: $27.95 – currently on sale for $17.95, additional tips are $4.95
What I Like: Tip exchange technology allows any device to connect – as long as one has the correct tip, sync and charge, very well made, extends to about 30″ and retracts with the push of a button
What Needs Improvement: Nothing, this is a superb product!

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