Add 10 calories, 3G Sugar, and 50 Mg Caffeine to Water and What Do You Get? TrimWater??

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Add 10 calories, 3G Sugar, and 50 Mg Caffeine to Water and What Do You Get? TrimWater?? Listen to this article

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When I see products like TrimWater I wonder how any of it gets sold except through slick marketing. The company, the same one that makes TrimSpa diet products, used to market this through a now expired agreement with the TrimSpa diet folks, appears to have taken …. water … added flavoring and sweetener (10 calories per drink plus 3 G sugar) – and then marketed it as TrimWater. Since when is ADDING 10 calories, 50 mg of caffeine (12 oz Diet Pepsi has 35 mg for comparison), and 3 grams of sugar (no matter how small an amount) to water – justify slapping an additional label of TRIM on a product that starts off with no calories or additives? I am not making this up – their web site reads:

With that in mind, we created TrimWater. Lifestyle Beverages wants to give you the ability to drink truly healthier, without giving up the flavor you enjoy. The benefits of drinking water are well known & documented. We’re about allowing you to reap those benefits & making it taste great while doing it!

Is it healthier to drink water with additives – or when dieting would just plain water do the trick? Check the nutritional label on the next page if you don’t believe me.

Link: Trim Water Press Release

From the TrimWater web site – here is the nutritional label showing what is inside each serving (and the label indicates 2.5 servings per bottle – the relevant per bottle numbers are the far right column):

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Is it just me who finds this silly? Adding calories to water and calling it Trim. What will they market to us next?

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