Review- Cygnett’s GroovePowerPack and GrooveSafari: Complete Accessory Pack for iPod

Review- Cygnett's GroovePowerPack and GrooveSafari: Complete Accessory Pack for iPod

The number of Apple-branded media devices in my house has grown significantly over the past year. With the number of devices now floating around my abode it is always helpful to have an array of available connectivity, charging and docking options. (This became even more important when upgrading the devices to the new 2.0 firmware since it significantly downgraded their battery life.) Problem is, those accessories can add up quickly.

Enter Cygnett’s GroovePowerPack and GrooveSafari.

The GroovePowerPack has every connectivity option you might want for your iPod or iPod Touch.

It includes-

A Dock

A Dock

A Wall Charger and USB Cable

A Wall Charger and USB Cable

A Car Charger and Cable

A Car Charger and Cable

An Earbud Splitter and An RCA Cable for Output to Stereo

An Earbud Splitter and An RCA Cable for Output to Stereo

Each piece of the GroovePack is simply styled in plain black plastic and offers exactly what you want in a docking/charging kit- it is unobtrusive and it works.

The iPod Dock features USB, FireWire and Audio-out ports but, unfortunately, the FireWire will only work with devices that were originally configured for it. That means current devices can charge via Firewire but will not sync.

The  is available from  for a retail price of $49.99.

When you consider that Apple’s Universal Dock alone costs the same amount this may well be a great deal for you (especially if you need a complete power kit and don’t need the Universal Dock’s remote).


The GrooveSafari Mini Wireless FM Transmitter with Charger

Review- Cygnett's GroovePowerPack and GrooveSafari: Complete Accessory Pack for iPod

Cygnett’s GrooveSafari FM Transmitter completes the iPod kit by allowing you to pass your iPod’s sound through your car or home FM stereo.

The unit is small and feels well built. It can be powered by the iPod directly or by your car’s battery, thanks to the included power kit.

Review- Cygnett's GroovePowerPack and GrooveSafari: Complete Accessory Pack for iPod

The design is simple. It snaps into the bottom connection easily but securely. It offers touch-sensitive controls rather than physical (read- easily broken) keys for tuning in to your station of choice. The station readout is backlit.

Like all FM transmitters the device works by transmitting your player’s audio to an “empty” FM station. As is the case with all such devices, the GrooveSafari works best when located physically near the stereo and in an area with at least one “open” frequency. In my testing of it is performed fantastically in rural Pennsylvania but saw significantly more interference in more “frequency-filled” New York.

If your car does not have a direct iPod input the GrooveSafari Transmitter is a good way to bring your tunes with you.

Together, the GroovePowerPack and GrooveSafari make a complete iPod accessory kit for under $100.


The GroovePack is available from Target.


What I Liked: Complete kits in a single package

What Needs Improvement: Nothing. Does what it says.

The GrooveSafari FM Transmitter is available from

MSRP: $49.99

What I Liked: Small, light, solid, does what it says

What Needs Improvement: Nothing (but suffers from same downside as all FM transmitters in busy areas)

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