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CoverBee logoNetbook popularity continues to grow every day, but cute netbook cases are still pretty hard to come by.  I love my tech toys, but I also love to accessorize them.  I like cases that look fresh and feminine, something different than the traditional, boring flat black leather or neoprene.  There is no reason that cases can’t be both functional and attractive!

There are a few companies out there that understand the desire for a pretty laptop case, and CoverBee is one of them.  CoverBee is a company from Holland that is dedicated to creating functional, fashionable cases for laptops of all sizes.

CoverBeeI requested the netbook case in Posh Leopard for my beloved Dell Mini 9—I thought it was a nice tongue-in-cheek nod to the fact that my netbook is a Leopard-running Hackintosh!  The cases also come in additional prints and fabrics such as polka dots, a Holland floral, and black fur.

The case came packaged in a CoverBee dustbag, giving it a high-end, quality feeling from the very beginning.  The case itself is also very high-quality—the craftsmanship is excellent.  The Posh Leopard case is made from furry leopard print fabric with gold quilted satin lining.  A subtle CoverBee tag on the outside is the only branding on the case, which I appreciate.  Nothing is as bad as a gorgeous case that is ruined by a giant logo!

The case fits the Dell Mini 9 perfectly, although it is about an inch to an inch and a half too long.  There is no closure or zipper on the case—you just slip the netbook right in.  I think that a closure would take up the extra inch or so of length quite well.  The netbook fits in the case well enough that I am not terribly worried about it slipping out, but I may end up putting a piece of Velcro inside the case to close it.

Dell in CoverBee caseIt is the perfect case for protecting my netbook from scratches or gouges while it is in my purse, mostly for short trips to the coffee shop or bookstore.  The slim profile of the case makes it easy to fit my netbook into my smaller handbags.  However, the CoverBee case is not padded at all, which may turn some people off.  For travel or carrying the netbook on a daily basis in my large work tote bag, I will continue to use my Built NY netbook case with plenty of protection.  Lack of protective padding is really the CoverBee case’s only downfall.

CoverBee cases are available for 15.4” widescreen laptops (24.99 EURO) and 9” netbooks (19.99 EURO).  They can be purchased online at

What I liked: Excellent craftsmanship, fast shipping from Holland, attractive prints.

What needs improvement: No protective padding, no closure for the case.

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