Scrapbook for dummies!

Review: Unibind MyBook 4×6 Photobook

OK so I am a man, I am wired to take the photos and get them to my wife in some way shape or form. She does the scrap-booking because 1) she likes too and 2)I have no patience for making any type of photo book…way too cumbersome and it just plain takes forever. But then I get a little package in the mail!

Unibind MyBook is a photobook that is made to hold roughly 10 photos in a small book…so what’s the big deal right? Well this nifty little gift idea is perfect for the novice or experienced scrapper! As you can see in the video clip above its as simple as opening the package, stacking the photos and matte sheets, stapling, and putting all into the book. See so easy even a man can do it.

This is by far one of the best products I have come across, the ease of use and ability to create a purse-sized photo book that can be carried is priceless.  While the version I tested was just a plain blue, they offer over 10 different book designs for your artistic needs.

What you get: Photo album, 2 matte protective sheets, mailing envelope, sticker seal, instruction sheet that double as a template when stapling photos together.

What I like:Ease of use, small form factor, price $5.99, literally takes less than a minute to assemble the photobook.

What I don’t like: only allow you to use about 10 photos, should come with two-sided tape to use photos back-to-back.

MSRP: $5.99

Can be purchased at select Target locations and online at Adorama.