Mosiaca for iPhone Review

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Mosaica is an iPhone application that lets you take panoramic-like images on your iPhone and then upload them to the web where they can be shared with your friends and family.

The finished images, called Mosaics are created by taking several pictures in a sequence and then overlapping them to create an interactive panoramic style image.

How does Mosaica stack up against the other photography apps of its type I’ve tried?

When you first launch the application you’re given a variety of options.

Can start making your own Mosaic, view ones recently added by other users, and see the most popular and featured Mosaics as well.


The user settings are where you must enter a user name for your online account.  A user name is required to identify your uploaded Mosaics on the server.

You also have the option of adding an e-mail address which we be displayed along with your Mosaic and your Twitter user name which will send an @ reply when you post a new Mosaic.


When you’re ready to start creating, you head to the My Mosaics tab.


Once there you select NEW to start making your first Mosaic.

The instructions are fairly straightforward.

You are to stand in one place and begin taking images that overlap as if you were taking a panoramic image.

One of the nice features of the app. is that it allows you to take another image while the one previous is still processing.


Even though my first image is processing the app still allows me to continue shooting more pictures.


Once you’re finished shooting your pictures (the developer says you can take up to 50 pictures) your Mosiac gets created.


In order to properly view the finished Mosaic, you upload it to the developer’s website.


First, you give the image a name.


And then your image is uploaded.


Once the upload is complete your image is assigned a unique URL for online viewing.

Here’s the URL my test image was assigned.

And here’s what the web page my image was assigned looks like.

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I love the fact that the developers are increasingly innovative in their approach to iPhone photography. In fact, such apps have become some of my favorites, and for good reasons.  They really leverage the power of the iPhone’s camera/computing combination. There are a lot of great ideas that went into this app. The speed with which it stitches the images, the choice to display low-quality images on the iPhone for speed’s sake but high-quality images when it is uploaded and the idea of making panoramas interactive are all excellent.

That noted however this isn’t an app I will be using… here’s why

I don’t like the fact that you have to upload the image to the web to actually use it.  The final images you upload to the web require flash support.  This is fine for Safari on your desktop but the iPhone doesn’t support flash.

While the effect is rather cool I don’t care for the way the individual images stay intact.  I simply think the panoramic images taken by some of the other apps I’ve tried look better.

You can find out more about Mosaica on the developer’s website or in the iTunes App Store.

M.S.R.P. – .99 cents

What I like – Allows you to take additional pictures while others are processing, stitches photos quickly, inexpensive.

What I don’t like – Flash support required for viewing, images not as clear as some of the other apps I’ve tried.

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