Review: Rescue Razzle for iPhone OS

Review:  Rescue Razzle for iPhone OS

Sunstorm Interactive is at it again with a new game for the iPhone OS.  The company is quickly becoming one of my favorite game developers for the iPhone OS.  With titles at only 99 cents a piece many of them are finding a permanent place on my phone.

Rescue Razzle is a brainteasing, puzzle game where you are charged with rescuing a helpless rat named Razzle.

Razzle is stuck inside a cage at the top of pyramid of wooden crates and other cages.  The goal is to remove all the surrounding items allowing Razzle to safely to the ground.

It’s simple concept but one that gets progressively more challenging as you move up through the game’s levels.  Sunstorm was kind enough to give me a copy of Rescue Razzle to review.

The game’s initial splash screen is pretty straight forward.

You can choose to begin a new game, continue a previously saved one, view more game titles from Sunstorm Interactive, view the game’s options or press the question mark in the upper right corner for help on playing the game.

Review:  Rescue Razzle for iPhone OS

The game’s options include the ability to turn both music and sound effects on or off.

Review:  Rescue Razzle for iPhone OS

Each level begins with Razzle trapped at the top of a large crate and cage pyramid.  The goal is to remove each crate, in any order you choose, while keeping the cage that Razzle is trapped inside balanced.  If Razzle’s cage becomes wobbly it’ll fall to the ground, turn over and you’ll have to start the level again.

Review:  Rescue Razzle for iPhone OS

The first level is quite easy and serves to give you an idea of how to properly play the game.

Review:  Rescue Razzle for iPhone OS

As you finish each level a congratulatory splash screen either praises your success or alerts you that you’ve failed asking if you want to try again.

Review:  Rescue Razzle for iPhone OS

After the first level each level thereafter gets much more difficult.

Review:  Rescue Razzle for iPhone OS

It takes trial and sometimes error before you figure out which crates can be removed safely and which will cause Razzle to tumble to the ground if removed.

Review:  Rescue Razzle for iPhone OS

The game’s help pages guide you through the game playing process.  Sometimes rat traps litter the ground other times water.  In both cases Razzle can not land on the ground.

Review:  Rescue Razzle for iPhone OS

You can simply touch the wooden crates to break them away but metal cages can not be moved.

To advance to the next level you must remove enough crates and cages so that Razzle is sitting just above the ground.

A crate counter tells you how many remaining crates must be removed in order for you to advance to the next level.

Review:  Rescue Razzle for iPhone OS

You must wait until each crate has steadied itself after a previous one was removed before you can remove another.

Review:  Rescue Razzle for iPhone OS

Rescue Razzle is a fun and challenging puzzle game that’s a refreshing change for the typical puzzle games I’m used to playing.  The incorporation of a cute (can a rat actually be called cute?) character makes the game more enjoyable.  It has a ton a replay value with multiple levels, each more challenging than the previous, that will keep you coming back for more.

At only 99 cents purchasing this one is a no brainer, playing it, well that’s another story.

Rescue Razzle is available in the iTunes App Store by clicking here.

M.S.R.P. – 99 cents.

What I like – multiple levels, good graphics, cute sounds, good replay.

What I don’t like – nothing.

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