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I have begun to like playing puzzle games, especially word games.   Maybe I am getting old, but games that require thought have become more fun for me.  I have reviewed many different types of puzzle games, including several word games but iAchieve has turned out to be not only fun and addictive but very unique.  One of my Sophomore students showed me iAchieve Lite and told me I must try it because she thought I would love it.  She was correct!  I was instantly addicted.

iAssociate is a word association game, where the goal of the game is to guess which words, or phrases, are associated to the other words in the game. Every word is associated to at least two other words, and the associations are meant to be things that you come to think of upon hearing the word.

Basically, the game is a word flow chart.  The Lite version contains one level that begins with the word “blue.”  Dotted lines connect words to be associated together.  The yellow bubbles give the number of letters in the word.  As the game progresses, multiple words and phrases are included.  Simply click on one of the bubbles and type in the guess for the word or phrase.  If the response is correct, the word turns black and opens more of the flow chart.  Some words may only add one line and bubble, while others open what seems to be a new puzzle.  If an incorrect response is entered but the first few letters are correct, those letters will remain.  This feature come in handy with larger words or phrases.

iAssociate Lite contains no fancy graphics, no big sounds or explosions and no accelerometer controls.  Your good ol’ fashioned brain is key to an enjoyable game.  I will admit, after playing the game for a day, (and yes I was playing every spare moment) I went ahead and bought the complete paid version for $1.99.  I say download the lite version and give it a try.  If you enjoy word games a all, the unique nature of the game will keep you coming back for more.  Get it here in the app store for free knowing the paid version is probably soon to follow!

What I like: A unique way to play a super addictive word association game.

What could be improved: I would like to see a hint button for later levels when I am completely stumped.

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