Nexus One Desktop Now Available For Order

Nexus One Desktop Now Available For Order

The gold connectors on the bottom of the Google Nexus One are to be used for dock accessories, including a Desktop Dock and a Car Dock, but those accessories were nowhere to be found. Today, the Desktop dock is now available for order.

Once you put the Nexus One in the dock, it automatically launches the Clock application, which allows you to:

  • Check the local time and weather
  • Set and clear alarms
  • Watch a slideshow of your photos
  • Play music
  • Dim your phone’s display for nighttime use

The dock also includes a 3.5mm-to-RCA audio cable that allows you to connect the dock to your stereo.

User Guide (in PDF format)

The Google Nexus One Desktop Dock direct from Google for $45.00.

(Nexus One Desktop Dock via @GoogleNexusOne)

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