Review: RadTech Aero for iPad

RadTech‘s newest offering for the iPad is the Aero Case.  Made from thermoplastic polyurethane (which is just a fancy way of saying that stiffer silicone feeling material we’re all used to iPhone cases), the Aero comes in two color options, Bronze and Clear.

RadTech describes the case as “a form-fitting and light-weight protective Apple iPad case. Colorful, rugged, stylish and durable for long-lasting protection of your iPad’s elegant finish. Skin-tight, zero-flex polyurethane material enhances your grip when carrying and handling, and provides excellent impact protection from bumps and drops. Made from washable and autoclavable thermoplastic polyurethane for years of tight-fitting protection.”

Specs on the case are as follows:

– Ultra tough, form-fitting TPU case provides excellent protection, without sacrificing usability
– Advanced polyurethane material outperforms steel, plastic and rubber in several key metrics
– Fits iPad like a second skin – provides superior shock, drop and scratch protection
– Light weight and low bulk preserve the iPad experience
– Allows full control of iPad while inside the case
– Greatly enhances grip when carrying or handling
– Available for Apple iPad in several pleasing colors
– Fully washable and autoclavable

Installation of the Aero isn’t quite as easy as a standard silicone style case.  The Aero is slim and tight, and it takes a bit of work to get on.  I do have a Clear Coat full body skin on my iPad, which certainly contributed to the tighter fit, but this is still one of the slimmer fitting cases on the market.

Once installed, your iPad retains the same feel that it had without a case on.  The back of the Aero features two scooped sides which are more clear, while the middle portion of the case is matte.

The bottom of the Aero features individual cutouts for both the iPad’s speakers and 30-pin dock connector.

On the right side, there are individual cut-outs for both the orientation lock and the volume rocker.

On the left side there is no cut-out.  If you need to remove your SIM card from the iPad for some reason, you’ll have to remove the case to do so.

The top of the case features three cut-outs.  One for the sleep/awake button, one for the microphone and one for the headset port.

The sides of the case completely cover the sides/chrome of the iPad providing a nice “lay on the table” design.

The RadTech Aero protects the back of your iPad and offers a very good, ergonomically sound grip to the device which makes holding it for extended periods of time both more comfortable and more secure.  The fit is tight, but that tight fit is much appreciated.  The thicker material means it won’t sag or stretch like cheaper silicone cases do, and the sleek fit doesn’t offer much bulk.  My only complaint is that I’m unable to use the Apple Dock with this case on, but I’ve yet to meet a case that allows me to do so.

The Aero is available now directly from RadTech’s web site.

M.S.R.P. – $29.95

What I like – Affordable protection, sleek, form-fitting.

What I don’t like – Can’t use the Apple Dock with this case installed.

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