Omino for iPhone/Touch App Review

Omino for iPhone/Touch App Review

Games are advancing at a blistering rate and the iPhone has become a wonderful platform for today’s video games.  Most new games are all about reality and 3D graphics.  When I try to explain Atari or NES games to my son, he thinks it is crazy nothing was 3D and totally realistic.  The joy of playing 16 bit games while I was in Jr. High School cannot be explained.  With power-ups and level bosses, our idea of video games completely transformed into what would become modern-day gaming.  I still remember sitting up all night during the summer with my buddies trying to see how many times we could beat Mario without losing a life.  It was simply a magical time.  For those of you who are fans of these 80s masterpieces or if you are looking for a chance to see what they were like, Omino will bring you back.  Let’s take a quick look at this old-school platformer for the iPhone.

Omino for iPhone/Touch App Review

Fans of the 80s 16 bit side scrolling platform gamers will instantly feel at home with Omino.  Help Omino reach the end of each level by running, jumping and spitting fire at the enemy monsters.  The game is very similar to the NES plumber we all know so well.  As you work through the levels, collect jewels and add to the score or run through as fast as possible.  There is no one way to finish a level.

Omino for iPhone/Touch App Review

I trained my thumbs were trained on a NES controller with the controls on the left, jump on the far right and turbo next to the jump.  Omino uses the bottom third of the screen to mimic the controls most of us learned how to game with.  When I first started the game, it was natural for me to grab the controls and take off immediately.  The controls are intuitive and I never had any lag.  It does take some time to get used to not having a physical button to press, but most iPhone games will have no problems.  The old trick of holding the turbo button to run and jump further also works and is a must in the game.

Omino for iPhone/Touch App Review

As Omino travels through the levels there are many obstacles and monsters standing in the way.  Either avoid the monsters or jump on them (unless they have spikes) and smash them to oblivion.  In order to collect all of the jewels, Omino must use the floating blocks to jump at different levels.  I have not figured out why the blocks are two toned or have the symbols on them but jumping and hitting them from the bottom can open up some power ups.  A red hat allows Omino to shoot fire at the enemies and the blue cap allows him to walk on water.  Each of these will help speed up the levels.

Omino is a cute platformer that will take care of anyone’s thirst for the 80’s 16 bit gaming.  The theme and levels are similar to Mario Brothers so fans of the old game will be able to jump right in.  Omino is free here in the app store for the first two levels.  If you decide to play more worlds, a one time in-app purchase will bring the entire game to your device.  For free, it is worth a try!

What I like: I love how the game takes me back to a golden era of video games.

What could be improved: I would like to see the story expanded and tied into the game play.  It seems better to know you are trying to save the princess for example.

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