Random Cool Image: Assembly Instructions ala M.C. Escher


I have long been a fan of the work of artist M. C. Escher. I love his realistic-looking structures that seem utterly plausible … until you look closer and see the impossibility. Well, what if he had designed assembly instructions? That is what an image adafruit suggests, as it shows some Mobius-strip inspired figured attempting to join into a single seemingly simple mechanism. The actual author isn’t specified … but it is a fun drawing in the style of Escher.

Checking into it I found other versions floating around, including one with Dutch ‘assembly instructions’, and this one which was made into a blueprint:

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Check out the MC Escher web site for even more cool stuff … and for now, why not enjoy more of his work?

Here is Escher’s Relativity:

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And his impossible Waterfall:

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Source: adafruit via Neatorama

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