iPad 2 Case Review: Hammerhead iPad 2 Hard Shell Case


We’ve looked at a number of different iPad 2 cases from a host of familiar companies. Today we’ll take a video look at the Hard shell case from Hammerhead, a company new to us here on Gear Diary. The case offers complete protection to the iPad’s front and back, includes the sleep/awake functionality and serves as a stand.

Let’s take a closer look and see if this $39.99 case might be right for you.


From Hammerhead:

Hammerhead Hard Shell Case for iPad 2 – Black
Hard shell polymer case protects both the front and back and automatically wakes and sleeps iPad 2


Durable hard shell shields front and back of your iPad 2 from scratches and impact

Ultra thin, lightweight polymer construction protects without bulk or weight

Automatically wakes & sleeps the iPad 2 display when opened and closed

Cutouts offer easy access to all ports, switches & camera

Protective lid folds to provide optimal angles for typing & viewing with three display options

Here’s a video look followed by a few thoughts…

In the video I pointed out a number of “likes” but also a few “dislikes”.

Like: The case is well made, feels nice to the touch and does a great job protecting the iPad. The sleep/awake functionality works perfectly and the small “clasp” on the side keeps the cover closed. I’m mixed on the hinge that runs down the front but it works quite well and grew on me the more I used the case. I LOVE the fact that the cover folds over and is perfectly flat on the iPad.




Dislikes (or at least “concerns”): I find the Hammerhead logo/name on the back to be a bit too large. It is one thing to have a logo/name on a case and another to have it in such a prominent place in such a large font. The stand works well but, at times, seemed to slip when the iPad was in the typing position. I’m not sure if the “notch” on the back was not quite deep enough or if I was pressing down too hard on the iPad as I typed and it simply slipped out of position. The other positions seemed to hold just fine. Finally, while I love the super-minimalist design and the fact that it grips the iPad in an almost invisible manner, I found it a bit of a challenge to seat the iPad properly in the case.  It did seem to pop out a bit at first. This diminished over time but did raise some question for me with regard to it keeping a tight grip on the iPad as the case wore in.


Over all I like the Hammerhead Hard Shell for iPad 2’s design. It is an effective way to give your iPad a good deal of protection while avoiding a lot of added bulk to it. At a price of $39.99 it is more than reasonable.

You can order the iPad 2 Hard Shell Case from Hammerhead here on the company site.

MSRP: $39.99

What I Like: Front AND back protection; sleep/awake functionality; tab keeps the iPad closed; built-in stand; hinge makes it stand out from the crowd

What Needs Improvement: Minimalist grip on the iPad might be a tab bit TOO minimalist; stand seemed to slip from typing position when “under load”; hung down the front may not be everyone’s cup of tea

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