Mobile Device Accessory Review: Juice Pack Powerstation

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It seems silly to refer to an external battery as “good-looking”, but mophie’s new juice pack power station is one good-looking battery. It is sleek, solid and feels great thanks to the combination of polished metal and soft touch material. And with a footprint that is a bit smaller than an iPhone, this 4000mAh battery is simple to carry around all the time.

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From mophie:

juice pack powerstation: This powerful 4000mAh external battery can charge virtually any USB device in the world including the iPhone and iPad. With completely reengineered battery and electronics, the powerstation can charge your device at super-fast speeds. The powerstation was engineered to provide super high-output charging with an unmatched capacity for its size. With charging output of up to 2.1 amps, the powerstation can handle virtually all of your power-hungry USB devices. The powerstation has brains, beauty and brawn – everything you’ve ever wanted from a travel companion. So travel with just one mobile battery charger to handle all your needs – – the powerstation!

Here’s a rundown of why this is the perfect travel battery charger:

Power Up: Powerful 4000 mAh device that is compatible with just about anything.

Advanced Battery Cell: High-density, high-output battery charges at speeds of up to 2 amps. That’s 4 times faster than traditional USB batteries!

Power Satisfaction: Capable of charging the power-hungry iPad, smartphones, tablets and other large USB-powered devices.

LED indicator: Check the fuel tank with the 4 LED charge status indicator – always know before you go!

Charging Cycles: Rechargeable for over 500 cycles (that’s great and that’s full cycles, partials don’t count. go ahead, top it off.)

Safety First: Built-in short-circuit, overcharge and temperature protection. mophie’s got your back.

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The new juice pack powerstation is a simple device that comes packed with just the bare minimum of additions in the box.

What’s inside the box?

• mophie powerstation

• USB charging cable

• User manual

• The opportunity to go for days without a power outlet.

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Black soft-touch material on the top and bottom makes the juice pack powerstation easy to grip and comfortable to hold. A silver band reminiscent of the iPhone’s wraps around the sides.

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On one side there is a small areas of silver that is surrounded by two black stripes. Pressing that button reveals a hidden charge indicator.


The indicator is composed of up to four bright lights. With four lights there is a full charge. When it is down to one light it is time to recharge.

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On one end you will find USB and a microUSB ports.

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The microUSB port is used for charging the battery, while the standard USB port is used for charging the devices that need charging.


Speaking of charging devices, check out this compatibility list! That’s pretty impressive and can best be summed up in this way — “If it is a current device and gets recharged this battery can likely help keep it running all day and beyond!!”

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Yet despite backing a 4000mAh battery inside, the new juice pack powerstation is actually SMALLER than an iPhone. That makes it easy to carry in your gear bag or SCOTTEVEST jacket all the time.

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This juice pack powerstation is actually the second generation external battery line. The first generation was nice enough (we reviewed it here) but, after seeing the update, there is no comparison. Add in the fact that the older version is only 3600mAh,  and you’ll agree that this is a slick update!

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Interestingly, the new version is the size of the black area on the original juice pack powerstation.

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Here are the two with the original version on the bottom.

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On final shot makes the point that this updated juice pack powerstation is smaller, thinner, more refined and awesome. The mophie logo is quite obvious but I can;t blame the company for wanting to advertise such a nice product. It is solid, easy to carry, universal and already has a permanent spot in my gadget bag.

You can get more information and pre-order (it is shipping September 30th, 2011) here on the mophie website.

MSRP: $79.95

What I Like: Packs 4000mAh into a small footprint; looks great and feels totally solid; combination of soft-touch material and silver trim makes for a refined look; Stealth battery status indicator is cool

What Needs Improvement: white mophie logo is quite obvious against the black material

Here are a few promotional images from mophie’s website.





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