Gear Bag Review: PowerBag Backpack


We took a look at the PowerBag Messenger the other day. It combines an incredibly well-designed, strongly constructed bag with the ability to recharge your devices on the go. On almost all counts it thoroughly impresses. And at under $140, it is not much more than a 6000mAh external battery would be on its own. That makes it a great deal in my opinion. The company makes a number of other designs and they were kind enough to also send a PowerBag backpack as well as the messenger. Since the power aspect of the backpack is the same as it is with the messenger bag, I thought we might take a look at the backpack on video rather than through a written review. If you prefer written details, you can check out the review of the Messenger here.

The PowerBag Backpack impresses for pretty much all the same reasons as the messenger bag. It is well-constructed and will put up with a good bit of use and abuse. Pockets are plentiful and are well-proportioned for all of the various devices you might want to carry and charge on the go. Small pockets are small enough to keep you from having to go fishing around for more diminutive items, while the large spaces are large enough for you to carry big items. The 6000mAh battery offers a good amount of power on the go and the fact that a 30 pin dock connector, a micro/miniUSB cable and a USB charging port are all available gives the backpack, like the messenger, close to universal compatibility.

Probably my biggest issue with the backpack will, for others, be its biggest strength– it is big. You see, I have a tendency to overpack whatever bag I’m using. By carrying a smaller capacity bag I forcefully limit myself and prevent my falling off the wagon and becoming yet again and over-packers anonymous.

MSRP: $139.99

What I Like: Well-made; Lots and lots of pockets; A good layout makes it quite good for protecting devices on the go; A 6000 mAh battery for charging devices on the fly; Nicely padded shoulder straps

What Needs Improvement: Personally I don’t love the look but I do appreciate the functionality

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