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November 16, 2011 • Music Diary, News

Music Diary Notes: Stream Nickelback’s New Album on iTunes for Free!

The pop-rock group Nickelback is one of those love/hate things for many – ‘hardcore’ rockers absolutely hate them on principal, yet they sell millions of records and there are people who either like them or – like my wife – consider them a ‘guilty pleasure’.

If you are a fan of the group, or just curious to check out their upcoming release, here is your chance! For a limited time you can stream the entire album for free on iTunes! As with previous deals like this, you can’t skip songs or shuffle or otherwise control the playback – it is an all-or-nothing deal. But still – for a free early look at a major release it is a great chance!

Head to the iTunes Music Store and check out Nickelback’s “Here and Now” for FREE!

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