Digital Innovations AllTerrain Wired 3-Button Mouse Review

Digital Innovations AllTerrain Wired 3-Button Mouse Review

Mice seem to be ubiquitous.  Everyone has one.  Not many people even consider buying one that didn’t come with their computer while some are fanatical about the mice they use.  I tend to be one of the former.  As long as it has a scroll wheel I am usually happy, but now I have a new favorite wired mouse in the Digital Innovations AllTerrain Wired 3-Button Mouse.

What makes this mouse All Terrain?  Well anyone who has used an optical mouse and tried to use it on a glass surfaces knows that they usually will not work on glass table top or glass blotter like you find in a hotel room.   The Digital Innovations AllTerrain Wired 3-Button Mouse doesn’t have this issue.  In fact, this mouse even works on the arm of your chair, your leg.  Anywhere I have tried.  Of course I would not try it on any surface that may damage the mouse like a driveway, sidewalk or mulch but any typical surface you may be around in an office setting should be perfectly usable with no mouse pad required.

Digital Innovations AllTerrain Wired 3-Button Mouse Review

The mouse has a unique design.  This mouse has, for lack of a better term, a hole from one side to the other.  I have yet to figure out why this is, but it makes it look a little different from most hum drum mice.  It is also helps to keep the mouse very light.  Using the mouse feels effortless.

Digital Innovations AllTerrain Wired 3-Button Mouse Review

The description says it’s a 3 button mouse and that is true if you count the scroll wheel as a button.  The scroll wheel itself has ridges on its chrome and black wheel.  As you move the wheel up and down, you feel the distinctive texture that most mice with scroll wheels have.  The scroll wheel works as well as any I’ve used on most mice.

If you have to use mice in weird locations or frequently travel and use hotels who have glass blotter covers on their desks, you will want to stick one of these in your gear bag as it’s the only one I have used that works on glass and other shiny surfaces.  The Digital Innovations AllTerrain Wired 3-Button Mouse is available at Amazon or direct from Digital Innovations.

MSRP: $24.99

What I liked: Works almost anywhere.  Light.

What needs improvement: Thin USB cable.

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