Random Cool Video: Warm Leatherette

Random Cool Video: Warm Leatherette

I have covered a lot of cool stuff introduced at the Winter NAMM show in the past week, with two prominent themes: analog synthesis and the iPad as the must-have studio tool. As someone who came into music long enough ago to appreciate WHY people ran to digital so quickly in the early 80’s, I also have always appreciated what the technology added to music. I have personally sought analog sounds through digitally controlled systems or sample-based synths … but there is nothing like the real thing, so it is great to see all of the advances in technology applied to synthesis.

Along those same lines, this cool video from Analogue Solutions takes a rather obscure synth-based song from the late 70’s – Warm Leatherette by The Normal – and captures it played on a suitcase record player with tape deck. The song was most popular in the odd version by the very odd Grace Jones, and there is a cool Trent Reznor remake … but I love it here in original form. Evidently the original was made using a pair of cheapie Korg Mini 700s and is considered ‘industrial’ music, though listenening now it reminds me more of Kraftwerk style techno.

Anyway, enjoy the minimal video with the cool analog synth-based tunes!

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