Eastern Mountain Sports Edition – Adventures in Customer Service

Eastern Mountain Sports Edition - Adventures in Customer Service

This year on vacation we were right on the ocean, so we wanted to have kayaks for the week to take advantage of the easy access. Fortunately Eastern Mountain Sports had reasonably-priced tandem ocean kayaks available to rent, and said they could help strap them to our roof, so we were all set. Well, not quite, but the way things worked out turned what could have been a disaster into a highlight of the week – all thanks to a wonderful employee in a great store.

When we called to reserve, we didn’t have to even leave a deposit but were able to complete all of the paperwork over the phone. A week before vacation we called to pay in full so all we had to do was show a license and sign and we would be all set. When we called, they had a special deal so we got the rentals for an additional 20% off – which was already discounted from the normal rate! It was an amazing deal.

After dropping the kids, dogs and stuff at the cottage, we headed out to pick up the kayaks. We really didn’t know how it would work, as our Mazda 5 was great for transporting all of our stuff but didn’t have a roof rack – something we told the EMS folks when we reserved and were assured wouldn’t be an issue.

Well … as we were doing paperwork Mikey at EMS told us that it WAS in fact an issue. He contemplated trying to set us up with one on our car at a time, but due to the shape of the front he wasn’t confident. In the end he offered to bring both kayaks to us on his vehicle after work … and then pick them up at the end of the week.

He was only working a short while longer, so just about the time we got back from buying groceries he arrived with kayaks and equipment, got us all set up and instructed and headed home. We went out every day except for one and multiple times most days, and having the kayaks was one of the best things about our trip.

On Friday I got a call from Mikey that due to a personal conflict it would be inconvenient to pick up the kayaks that night, but since he was opening the store the next morning he could grab them on the way to work. He arrived early, was extremely courteous and helpful getting everything packed up, genuinely happy to have helped, and quickly on his way.

Now here is the thing – I KNOW that he got compensated for time and mileage based on a chat with his (also very helpful) co-worker. But he could just as easily said “whew … no clue how you’re getting the kayaks to your cottage … sucks to be you!” Instead he took his own time and effort and went out of his way to help us out and didn’t charge us extra for it.

It is one of those small moments that turns a potential disaster into a great memory and a heartening reminder of how cool people can be!

So thanks to Mikey and to Eastern Mountain Sports in Bourne for helping make out vacation great!

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