TopKase Introduces Aegis Aluminum iPhone 4/S Case

TopKase Introduces Aegis Aluminum iPhone 4/S Case

I’ve seen a lot of clever iPhone cases in  my day, but TopKase’s Aegis Aluminum iPhone Case strikes me as one of the more interesting and potentially rugged case line developments of late, turning a bare iPhone 4/S into an armored tool, and adding a bit of techno-cool to your cellular repertoire. Let’s face it, how accessories look for Apple products is almost as important as how they work, right? This case offers both style and substance.

The case is constructed from an inner metallic plated sub frame with a tough outer anodized aluminum cover. This together with its 8 internal shock absorbers helps provide protection from knocks and drops.

The unique aluminum sliding shutter not only helps to protect your screen, but has a built in microfiber material that assists in removing finger marks and dust.

Due to the TopKase construction the iPhone can now be stood upright on a flat surface and at the same time you will notice the sound enhancement features both in volume and tone.

Unlike some iPhone cases, you won’t need to risk damaging your iPhone by taking it out every time you want to use the camera, insert your headphones or charge it, as these functions can all be used while protected inside the case.

The Aegis case also offers the following:

  • Complete three-layer protection from scratches, scuffs and screen damage.
  • Auto Screen Cleaner.
  • Easy open/close sliding shutter function.
  • Access to all iPhone functions and ports without removing the case.
  • Charges without removing from the case.
  • Easy fit installation with slide-on design.
  • Case allows freestanding on flat surfaces.
  • Sound and volume enhancing design.

Plus, rather than leaving your Aegis case looking identical to other Aegis cases , these accessories come in the following colors to suit your personal preferences:

TopKase Introduces Aegis Aluminum iPhone 4/S Case

On thing however: given the case’s aluminum structure, I’d be curious about its effects on an iPhone’s WiFi/Cellular signal, especially in light of the infamous “death grip” issues of the 4 line. That aside, the Aegis Case looks to be an interesting iPhone 4/S accessory regardless. Interested parties can pick the Aegis iPhone case up at TopKase or Coastal Gadgets.

MSRP: $59.95

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