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July 18, 2012 • Gear Bits, News

Rock Radio Returns To New York!


Almost exactly one year ago, 101.9RXP went off the air, leaving NYC without a decent rock radio station. I was more than a bit sad about this, and while Pandora has partially filled that void I really missed listening to the radio. That is why I was thrilled when I saw on Facebook yesterday that 101.9 was back to good old rock music!

I tuned in this morning on my way to work. The selection seems excellent so far. There was no DJ, and I didn’t hear any commercials. Instead, there was an occasional station identification of “101.9 NYC Rock Radio is back”. I assume this is just for now while they spread the word about the relaunch. It is unclear if this is RXP or another station entirely, but I don’t care: ROCK RADIO IS BACK!

I am so happy I could hug the soulless Clear Channel executive no doubt responsible for this! If you are in the New York City area and miss FM radio, set your dial to 101.9!

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