International Supply’s iCircle Puts a Ring on Your iPad

International Supply's iCircle Puts a Ring on Your iPad

We’ve seen a plethora of iPad cases that have plastic ringed cutouts covering the Apple logoInternational Supply's iCircle Puts a Ring on Your iPad on the iPad’s back; they usually work so that the plastic ring rotates in the rear cover to allow the iPad to be propped up in either landscape or portrait mode. While I like the general idea and function behind this type system, I haven’t yet seen a rotating ring case that I liked enough to use.

International Supply's iCircle Puts a Ring on Your iPad

The International Products iCircle, however, looks pretty promising. Judging by the photo and the way the cutouts are placed, I’d still be able to use my Miniot Cover Mk2, which is a huge bonus. The aluminum ring on the back might add some weight, but it will also make the entire package stronger and — dare I say it? — better looking.

More flexible than a dock and more durable than a typical iPad cover, the iCircle made by Rolling Ave., a leading provider of high end mobile device accessories, features an aluminum circle ring in the middle that not only enables users to better grip and/or carry their iPad, but with a simple finger pull, the circle ring pops out transforming into a swivel stand so users can set their iPad to their desired viewing mode: portrait, landscape or typing.


The aluminum circle ring with smooth spin cut finish is fastened to the cover by a die cast zinc alloy hinge so the stand is not only durable, but extremely strong and sturdy to support the weight of the iPad as well as any added pressure while typing. To change from portrait mode to landscape, the circle swivels 90 degrees. For typing mode, simply flip the cover in landscape mode 180 degrees and set the circle stand on the desk. The cover snaps on and off an iPad fairly quickly and easily.

The International Supplies iCircle stand will be available in both black and white, and they will have a retail price of $69.99. One is on its way for review, so I’ll let you know what I think about it soon.

International Supply's iCircle Puts a Ring on Your iPad

Until they get the info posted on the International Supplies site, you can find the black i-Circle Multistand/Grip for iPadInternational Supply's iCircle Puts a Ring on Your iPad on Amazon [affiliate link].

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