Rokform Rokbed v3 mountable protective iPhone 4/4s Case Review

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When is an iPhone case not an iPhone case? When it is the Rokform Rokbed v3 mountable protective iPhone 4/4s case. You see, the Rokform Rokbed v3 isn’t a case… it is a system. Oh, and it is an awesome one at that. In addition to the Rokstand we reviewed last week (read the reviewApex Carbon was kind enough to send us a review sample of the case and… more. Here’s a quick look and a chance to win the review sample. Even better, we’re looking at the Rokbed v3 AND the Rokmeister clip/bottle opener and… giving both away as a bundle.

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From Rokform:

Rokbed™ v3 is more than just a case; it’s a system. The new v3 includes never before seen features such as an integrated lock mechanism, anti slip grip, detachable lanyard and an optional magnet insert. Made from tough polycarbonate that is reinforced in critical areas the Rokbed™ v3 is also one of the most protective iPhone 4/4s cases on the market today, protecting your phone from six directions. Compatible with all iPhone carriers. Designed, engineered and made in the USA.

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Injection molded polycarbonate frame

Thermoplastic elastomer non-slip grip insert

Remote Mounting System (RMS), mount most anywhere

Removable hi-tensile wrist lanyard

Gear Diary Rockform iPhoneCase 39

I wasn’t so sure about this case when I first saw it but, once I put it on my iPhone, I was sold. I thought about making it my goto iPhone case for a moment but, instead, we are giving it away. I will, however, be ordering this style of case when the new iPhone is released and what I assume will be the Rokbed v4 comes out. Yeah, I like it that much.

The Rokbed is a slider case that is impressively sturdy and, despite holding the iPhone firmly, allows the iPhone to slide in and out with ease.

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The bottom portion clips together with the main body to completely wrap your iPhone in a protective cage. The design of the back might not be your thing aesthetically but it works well to create the case system and, thanks to the open portions, keeps the weight down.

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The case also offers a fair bit of lay on the table protection thanks to the slightly raised area. The ring surrounding the screen is smooth which guarantees complete and comfortable access to it.

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Here’s a look from the side.

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And here is another view. In this picture you can see the black space beneath the Apple logo opening. The black rubber material protects the iPhone inside by keeping the glass back and the hard plastic case from coming into direct contact and it creates a non-slip surface when the case is placed with the iPhone face up.

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Even better, there is a $10 accessory that can replace this piece and lets you have a “put almost anywhere” magnet on the back. How cool is that.

Gear Diary Rockform iPhoneCase 34 1

A look from the top.

Gear Diary Rockform iPhoneCase 53 1

So here’s what turns this case into a “system”. The open area around the Apple logo is a connection point into which a variety of accessories can be securely affixed. You place it inside and rotate a bit until it locks in place. Once there the two pieces aren’t coming apart unless you consciously separate them.

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The case includes one “Remote Mounting System (RMS)” that can be affixed to a surface using either the included adhesive or two screw-points on the sides.

Gear Diary Rockform iPhoneCase 27

For $29 you can get the Rokmeister belt clip and bottle opener. It is pretty darn cool!

Gear Diary Rockform iPhoneCase 52

And the whole system is sturdy, flexible and, at least in my opinion, cool looking.

Here’s a look at the Rockbed v3.

And here’s a look at the Rokmeister.

As noted in the beginning, I didn’t think I would like this case… errr… system as much as I do. But I do! I like the looks. I like the flexibility. I like the number of different options that can be purchased to work with it. No, I don’t love the price which, if you load up on accessories can get a bit pricey but the case itself is just $39 which is a great value.

You can grab yours here at Apex Carbon and, while you are there, check out all the accessories.

Check the bottom of this post for a chance to win the review sample.

MSRP: $39 for the case, $29 for the Rokmeister

What I Like: Looks neat; Nicely protective; Flexible system; Comes in a variety of colors; lots of accessories available

What Needs Improvement: Nothing, I love this case and can’t wait to get the new iPhone and order one for it

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