The Review

The Review

Have you ever lost your keys and not found them?  How about your cellphone? aims to make it easier for you t connect you back with your misplaced keys or phone or anything else you can attach a tag to.

Does it work? Let’s find out.

The Review

The kit comes in a kit of two decals and one tag you can attach to your keys. When you get your kit in the mail, you go to the web site to register your tags. When you do, you will indicate what the tag is attached to and whether you want notified by email, text or both.

How does it work?

The tags have a tag number and a short code SMS number that the finder is supposed to use to reconnect you with your lost item. It also has a QR code. Once you scan the code, depending on which app you use on your phone, it will have a text message already to go.  Once the finder sends the text, you get the finders cell number by e-mail or by a text message allowing you to call the person so you can retrieve your item.

The Review

Where this might fail.

I like the idea. I really do. Who wouldn’t want to get their keys or phone back? However, relies on people to read the tag, send the text or scan the QR code, and then send the text your phone sets up … assuming the app handles scanning the QR code correctly. It took me several tries to get a scanning app that correctly detected the QR Code and constructed the proper text message. The ScanLife Barcode & QR Scanner on Android was the only one I found that picked up everything correctly, and even it needed you to actually hit the send button on the text message.

Also, this requires the finder to be one of good character, and while I generally believe people ARE good and want to find the owner of things that they find, some are not. Even with, you still run the risk of losing your item for good.


I like the idea a lot. helps trustworthy people find owners of lost items if they know how to send the text or scan the QR code. However, I am not sure if it’s worth having this or just being more careful with where you put things. To date, since I have applied the decals to my phone, no one but myself has scanned them. Also, they are decals that you must stick on your phone. Not everyone likes to put stickers on their phone.

MSRP: $14.95

What I Like:  This helps trustworthy people connect people with their lost stuff easily

What Needs Improvement: I don’t like having a sticker on my phone and tablet

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