9/11 – A Day of Remembrance

9/11 - A Day of Remembrance

On this day in 2001, over 3000 lives were lost in a series of brutal terrorist attacks; thousands more lives were impacted directly or indirectly by the attacks and loss of life, and our country was changed forever.

Today is the 11th anniversary of that day – it is rightly a day of remembrance.

It is a day of remembrance.
It is not a day for politics or politicians.
It is not a day for moving speeches or promises or calls to actions.
It is a day for thoughtful reflection and recollection.
It is a day of remembrance.
It is not a day to seek division within our ranks.
It is not a day to search for blame within our borders.
It is a day of remembrance.
It is not a day to find hate based on differences,
It is a day to seek joy in our shared experiences.
It is a day of remembrance.
It is not easy to put aside our differences for even a single day,
but doing so best serves the memory of what was lost and gained that day.
It is a day of remembrance.
It is a day to remember that we are Americans,
Whether Muslim or Jew or Christian or Atheist, we are Americans.
Whether from Europe or Asia or Africa or the Americas, we are Americans.
Whether native to these lands, here for hundreds of years or a new citizen, we are Americans.
And our strength comes from our common goals and shared joys, not from division.
So today let us all join hands, regardless of skin color, gender identity, sexual orientation,
religious affiliation, political party, or nation of origin … and remember.
For today is a day of remembrance.

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