Vote For Brandeis To Host The “Today Show”


In my house, there’s a loose rivalry between Syracuse and Brandeis. They hardly compete head to head in anything, but since I went to Brandeis and my brother Andrew went to Syracuse, there’s a good natured sibling rivalry. It doesn’t help that we have older cousins who attended Brandeis and Syracuse, so the unofficial competition spans generations.

Now Brandeis finally has the chance to pull ahead here, but I need your help! See, the “Today Show” is running a contest where they will film their fourth hour the week of October 12th at one of six schools: Brandeis, Ohio State University, University of Tennessee, University of South Florida, Syracuse University and Creighton University. So please, please, please: head to the voting site and VOTE FOR BRANDEIS! Do it for sibling rivalry! Do it for nerdy schools without big sports franchises! Do it for Ollie the Owl, the official Brandeis mascot! Do it so I can hold it over my brother!


One note: you need to vote from the main site. The mobile one doesn’t load the voting screen. Thanks, and go vote! (Also, regular readers may have noticed this post briefly appeared and disappeared without a title this morning…my iPhone was in my pocket but was so full of Brandeis spirit that it pocket-posted before I was finished!)

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