Chaval Outdoor Introduces Response-XRT Tech-Based Luxury Ski Gloves

Chaval Outdoor Introduces Response-XRT Tech-Based Luxury Ski Gloves

We have now had three sub-30F mornings in the last two weeks … so I am thinking about my cold weather gear for running. Also, next month my younger son starts his annual ski team weekend jaunts, so again I am thinking gear. I have found that through the years maintaining finger warmth has become increasingly critical to my overall sense of comfort. By the coldest days I am often double-gloving in order to keep warm. But that was before; I am now running FOUR TIMES the distance and staying out twice as long. So I anticipate this year being a challenge.

The folks at Chaval get that we need to keep our hands warm – and they have developed some amazing new technology to address that need. Check out the illustration and their description of the alphaHEAT technology.

Chaval Outdoor Introduces Response-XRT Tech-Based Luxury Ski Gloves

About alphaHEAT technology
Our heating technology is a paper-thin, polymer film, layered in all of the glove fingers (including the thumb). This film has a proprietary nanotech ‘programming’ that enables it to quickly react to temperature deviations to maintain a specific warm temperature evenly across the film surface. If a cold fingertip is slipped into the glove, the properties of the film at the fingertip will change and the film will automatically draw more power to increase heat production only at that fingertip. As the fingertip warms, the film properties will again change and automatically reduce power draw. This is “micro-regulation” – independent automated regulation of temperature in each individual finger (see attached tech illustration). The result is a feeling of perfect steady warmth, excellent power conservation (will heat 3 times longer than any other brand), and a significant reduction of required electrical components.

All of this technology does not come cheap – the price listed on the site is $389.97 for the pair of gloves. But when you look at the bulky electric gloves mentioned, they are at least $200 … and even normal gloves for skiing will cost you $100 – and then you need to add liners!

Check out the video:

Head to the Chaval site for more info! And by visiting you get the chance to enter to win a pair of gloves!

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