Reveal the Maze Pro for iPhone Review

Reveal the Maze Pro for iPhone Review

Type of app: Maze / puzzle game
Platform/where to buy: iPhone; available in the App Store
Developer: Yigit Turkeri

Have you ever been in a real maze?
Forget about all of the other maze games that you have seen before.
We invite you to a real maze experience.

While increasing your field of view with 13 different items and trying to get to the exit, avoid harmful items and earn points by collecting coins as much as possible.

With the suggestions you will make on our website, you decide the concepts of the new maps.

• 108 levels in 6 different worlds
• 13 different items to help you to find the exit
• Realistic physics engine
• Advanced graphics
• Retina Display support
• 3 different difficulty levels
• 60 fps game guarantee
• Calibration feature
• Original music and sound effects
• High performance accelerometer
• Game Center integration
• In App Purchases
• 22 different achievements
• In App Purchases

Reveal the Maze Pro for iPhone Review

Major features: Maze games are nothing new on the iPhone, but Reveal the Maze is something different – and worth checking out. NOTE: the game is on sale as of this review for $0.99, so definitely jump on it while it lasts!

You control a marble indirectly by tilting your device. The basis of each level is to … well, escape the maze. Sounds simple enough – except that you cannot see what your marble can’t see. you are trying to get from one end to the other as quickly as possible while finding the 13 items that will help you out and advance your score.

But as you proceed you need to avoid traps that will slow you down and reduce your score. There are different difficulty levels that make it increasingly hard to get through the levels successfully – and sometimes to the point of frustration at the highest difficulty setting.

Reveal the Maze has loads of achievements and Game Center integration so you can track and challenge your friends and push yourself to do better and try harder difficulty levels.

Reveal the Maze looks great and sounds great, as well – but ultimately it is all about the gameplay. You can calibrate the accelerometer in case you don’t like playing with the iPhone flat, changing to whatever view angle works best. The accelerometer is sensitive yet precise, ensuring you always feel in control (and in my case, making me own all of my mistakes). The level of precision makes for a fun maze experience that will last for hours – but for most people it will take even longer based on pick-up & play gaming.

Ease of use/Overall performance: I loved the game Marble Blast on the Mac from years ago, the use of physics and gravity created an excellent challenge. But I also remember the disappointment trying to play the same game when it landed on the iPhone. Maze games have been hit or miss based on several factors.

Would use again/recommend?: Absolutely! I have enjoyed playing this as a casual ‘occasional play’ game, as it is challenging enough to keep me going, but each level is finished in a matter of minutes.

Suggested changes/wish list for updates: Personally I would love an iPad version!

Price: $0.99 (for a limited time – then back to $4.99)

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