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We’ve been looking at a number of the cases Sena offers for the iPhone 5. This time out we are looking at the Sena Magia Wallet for iPhone 5. This wallet-style case protects your phone, holds a number of cards, and does so in as simple and stylish manner as I have seen. Let’s take a look.

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From Sena:

Give your Apple iPhone 5 the sleek and versatile look it deserves . The Magia Wallet’s modern innovation clasps your smartphone in place and engulfs it with handcrafted premium leather.

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Seamless luxurious slim design

Magia Tape adhesive securely holds your iPhone 5 in place

3 slot card holder

Multi-purpose pocket

Camera Lens Opening

Magnetic Strap Closure

All buttons & charging port are accessible

As you can see from the video, the case is made from smooth, gorgeous leather. It looks… and feels… great. The unusual method of securing the iPhone inside makes the entire case incredibly sleek.

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It is just about as thin as an iPhone case can be.

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And it leaves the 3.5mm headphone jack, the Lightning connector, the speaker, and the microphone fully accessible.

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One of my biggest issues with wallet-style cases is the flap. Simply put, it gets in the way. That is not the case here. The leather flap that is used to secure the iPhone inside the case is secured using a magnet. And it works both ways!! Yes, it can hold the flap closed OVER the iPhone or it can hold the flap open BEHIND the case. When used in this latter arrangement the flap is completely out of the way, and you have complete access to the phone’s screen. No more flopping flap to get in the flipping way!!

It is a fantastic design that address my main issue with this style of case; it is for that reason that this is one case I know I will continue to use.

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You can learn more and order yours on the Sena website.

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MSRP: $54.95

What I Like: Looks classy; Gorgeous leather; Refined look; Cutouts for camera, flash and microphone are perfectly positioned; Closure flap secured with a magnet which can also be used to hold the flap on the back; Magia tape can be used and reused numerous times

What Needs Improvement: You’ll need to “trust” the tape since it holds your iPhone in place

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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