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I’m a fan of messenger-style gear bags. I find them to be comfortable, flexible and, well, I like the way they look. My appreciation of messenger bags extends to camera bags as well. And when a camera messenger bag can easily convert into a standard gear messenger, I’m interested.

Think Tank Photos new CityWalker is just that kind of messenger back. The company was kind enough to send one for review, and I have to say I think it is one of my favorites. The bag is light, well-built, feature-rich, and it looks great. Let’s hear what Think Tank has to say about it, and then look at what may be my new go-to camera bag on video.

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From Think Tank:

True to Think Tank’s commitment to balancing function and design philosophies, these casual, urban styled, “soft” bags feature body conforming comfort, rapid access, lightweight materials, and the quality of construction that Think Tank Photo is known for.

A fully removable padded insert and dedicated tablet or laptop pocket makes the CityWalker a true multiple purpose bag. With three sizes to choice from you’ll be ready to head out with whatever camera system and editing tool you choose. Pull out the padded insert and the CityWalker quickly switches from a camera bag to a standard messenger bag with pockets for an iPad. In either configuration the CityWalker conforms to your body making it the perfect “walk-around” bag for urban environments.

Let’s run down the features of this particular bag.

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It has “lightweight materials and a high-capacity design”,

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… a dedicated compartment for iPad, or notebook.

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It has a removable main insert increases functionality and gives multiple use capability,

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… organizational and zippered pockets for accessories,

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… an expandable front pocket,

Gear Diary Think Tank Photo CityWalker 047

… double security front flap closure with Sound Silencers™,

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… hook/loop and a Dual Cross™ buckle.

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It is soft and flexible to conform to your body,

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… and it has a business card slot under the front flap for identification,

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… and a cushioned and padded non-slip shoulder strap for all day comfort.

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I liked this bag from the minute I first pulled it out of the shipping box. I was surprised at how light is was and impressed by its sturdiness. The bag has all the features I want and need in a gadget bag, as well as all the features I want and need in a camera bag. The fact that I can convert this bag from one to the other in under 5 seconds is a huge bonus.

The grab handle is a bit on the wimpy side but it isn’t intended as the primary means of carrying the bag; it’s more for convenience, while the healthy shoulder strap is the primary means of carrying it. The non-slip ribbing is awesome. The tablet compartment is great if you are using a full-size iPad, and it is more than plentiful if, like Judie and me, the iPad mini has become your go-everywhere tablet.

The ease with which the camera organizer comes out is terrific, since it means you can leave your camera gear in it pretty much full-time and drop into the bag when heading out to take pictures. And the fact that this camera bag doesn’t look like a camera bag? That is a huge bonus.

You can learn more about the Think Tank CityWalker line of bags and the various features offered by each size here, on the product page.

MSRP: $139.75

What I Like: Light but sturdy; Grab handle Healthy shoulder strap with non-slip ribbing; Tablet compartment; Camera organizer comes out; Camera bag doesn’t look like a camera bag

What Needs Improvement: I am really enjoying this bag and it is great for a medium amount of gear. If, however, you need to carry an elaborate pro-setup, prefer a backpack or need super-duper protection you might not want this as your only photo-bag

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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