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December 11, 2012 • Reviews

Sena Lusio Case for Samsung Galaxy S III Review

As I mentioned in my review, the Samsung Galaxy SIII is a sleek and slim device and it would be a shame to wrap it up in a bulky case. Well, apparently the folks at Sena feel the same way, since the new Lusio is a thin leather case for the Galaxy SIII that offers stylish protection. Let’s look in more detail!

The Hype:
The Lusio stands out from the rest. This custom hand-sewn two-tone saddle-stitched design offers a personalized hand stitched look.
•Hand-sewn two-tone saddle-stitched design

•Soft velvet lining with light protective layer

•Easy device access

•Slim back credit pockets

The Reality:

The Lusio is a simple slip-case design, where you slide your Samsung Galaxy S3 into the top of the case, and it is protected from the front, back and both sides.

The exterior of the case is soft leather that immediately wears with use – even slipping cards in and out of the case I saw some wear. This is typical with the material, and gives it a warm character over time – but it means that the case will not stay pristine. Just a word of warning for ‘Type A’ folks who have a hard time with that stuff.

The interior is a soft velvet surface, and each side has a light cushion for added protection for your phone. At the bottom there is a leather stop that holds the Galaxy S3 securely in place while allowing access to the micro-USB on the bottom as well as full access to the top audio output.

Note that this is NOT an ‘active use’ case – in other words, you cannot work while the case is on. There is no access to the volume rocker or the screen on/off switch. Also, you cannot see the notification light – you have to slide the phone out to do anything.

But removing the phone is made simple by the bottom leather joining the front and back. You simply hold the case in your hand and push up on the bottom and the Galaxy S3 slides out.

For more usability you can also slide a few credit cards into the case – or perhaps a license, card and some cash. You won’t be sliding more than a single card per slot, but that is just as well as the bulk would become an issue at that point. But if you need a simple way to carry just a few items and don’t need your entire wallet, this would work.

I have said repeatedly that the Galaxy S3 is thin enough that it pretty much offsets the large size and makes carrying it manageable. That has made me wary of bulky cases, but I also know that protecting these phones is critical. The Sena Lusio provides a great compromise in that you get protection but also maintain a slim profile – and get great looks and some wallet functionality as an added bonus.

Here is my hands-on video of the Sena Lusio Samsung Galaxy S3 Leather Case:

Review: Sena Lusio Samsung Galaxy S3 Leather Case

Where to Buy:

Price: $49.95

What I Like: Great design; perfect fit; great leather feel; price in line with materials and quality

What Needs Improvement: Cannot see notifications; soft leather shows wear quickly.

Source: Manufacturer provided review sample

Special thanks to US Cellular for the Samsung Galaxy S III used in this review!

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